9 Weirdest Things Caught On Dashcams in Australia

May 28, 2019


On the road


Ella Donald

Once the domain of Russians and LiveLeak, dashcam videos from Australia have become increasingly popular as more cars are equipped with the devices. Evidence from dashcams is increasingly being used as evidence by police and to prove liability for insurance or car accident injury compensation cases following a crash on the roads.

While we may not top the infamous territory of bears and explosions, our land of wild animals, outback roads, and crazy residents offers more than enough fodder for this internet video sub-genre. Here are nine of the best ones we’ve seen lately.  

1. Insurance scam caught on dash cam – VIC

The spawn of dashcam ubiquity is in fact not a fun one - they experience extreme popularity in Russia due to the high rate of insurance scams, a necessary protection for any proactive driver. In other words, plenty of occurrences a lot like the one we see here happen, where a self-described “weird accident” happened as a result of a van driver attempting to blame the video owner for running into him.

"When I informed him I had a dash cam(,) he changed his story and claimed he was attempting to avoid a dog (there is no dog). I called the police and he jumped in his van and took off without giving me his details,” the video description says.

2. Angry driver manages to run over himself — NSW

Presenting a compelling reminder of why you should always turn off the car or at least put the brake on before exiting the vehicle is this video, where the driver gets a nice bit of karma when getting out to hurl some abuse. “Before anyone asks why I didn't just go around, it's double lines around a blind corner… ,” the owner says.

3. What’s that Skippy? – Location unknown

The rule of thumb when outback driving is to avoid dawn and dusk, where kangaroos are on the move, but this video shows that no matter the time of day, Australia presents … unique challenges when on the road. A bumpy but uneventful drive is interrupted by a roo, who does a stunning leap over the truck. Luckily, both driver and animal were unharmed.  

4. Why did the chicken cross the road? — Location unknown

So goes the age-old joke. Clearly, to take a starring role on this dash cam video! Kudos to him on having excellent skills when it comes to crossing the street safely.

5. Immediately caught by the police — Various locations

#InstantKarma is a popular genre of dash cam video - doing something illegal, rude, or just downright stupid, only to be immediately caught by the police. Here’s a compilation of humanity’s not-great moments, where being an idiot is seen, and acted upon.

6. Unexpected pickup — Location unknown

Why take just the rubbish away when you can take the whole bin? Low-level compared to the others on this list, but nonetheless hilarious and a welcome break from the rollovers, accidents, drunk driving, and other destruction often recorded on dashcams.

7. Not all heroes wear tights… — Location unknown

… some wear motorcycle helmets. Your friendly neighbourhood leather-clad cyclist, saving your gear, the door of your van, and every other motorist from an improperly closed door since 2019. “What an absolute legend,” says a YouTube comment, that has 757 likes. “A gentleman & a scholar, I'd buy you a beer if I could,” says another. We heartily agree. Be more like this person right here.

8. Trees lopped … for free! — Location unknown

Why pay hundreds, nay, thousands of dollars to have those pesky branches cut down? Save your money and just get a handy truck (in this case, one from Crichton Removals in Geelong, VIC) to do it … for free! The larger, the better — you know they’ll fell it like it’s a twig blowing in the wind.

9. Dropping something back like… — Location unknown

Here’s a handy tip — don’t give stuff back you’ve borrowed from your friends this way. Door-to-door service is always the preferred method, and always secure your load when driving.

Ella Donald

Ella is a Brisbane based writer for Smith's Lawyers who has written for many noteworthy publications including Vanity Fair, CNN, GQ Middle East, The Guardian, Fairfax, and The Saturday Paper. She covers topics such as entertainment and arts, sport, fashion, food, social and cultural issues, health and beauty, technology, law and travel. She also teaches at the University of Queensland in the School of Communication and Arts.