Whether you are starting out in the legal world or simply looking for some inspiration and guidance in your legal career, it’s common to turn to bloggers and podcasters to get some new viewpoints and helpful tips to navigate lawyer life. There are myriad blogs out there with lawyers and legal eagles sharing their opinions and thoughts on legislation, lawyer life, careers, ethics, society, and our profession. In this article we are going to explore some blogs worth following if you want to stay up to date with social and legal developments.

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University of Melbourne - Opinions on High

This is a fantastic blog which explores decisions made in the High Court and gives well-rounded exploration and discussion of the consequences for lesser courts and legal interpretation. Operating for many years, Opinions on High can be relied upon for thorough, concise, and engaging interpretation of High Court decisions and their broader impact.  

Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog

Stephen Page of LGBT Law Blog
Stephen Page of LGBT Law Blog

An exceptionally well written blog from Stephen Page, a fertility and divorce lawyer from Brisbane. This blog is dedicated to covering issues on a range of topics including discrimination, parenting, property, same sex legal issues, and LGBTIQA+ community legal issues. Well worth following whether you are a member of the LGBTIQA+ community or a supporter, as it provides a range of insights into issues of law across Australia.

Survive Law

Wenee Yap - Founder of Survive Law
Wenee Yap - Founder of Survive Law

This is a blog primarily targeting law students and early career lawyers, and provides a well-rounded view on the trials and tribulations faced by law students, as well as an exploration of some of the lighthearted issues law students grapple with. Well worth following for their explanation of the clerkships process and their discussion about top and mid tier firms. 

Barrister Blogger

Matthew Scott, the Barrister Blogger
Matthew Scott, the Barrister Blogger

A UK Blog reporting on all things legal in the United Kingdom, providing a highly witty and engaging take on topical issues and recent legislative developments and rulings. This is a great blog to follow purely for the entertainment value but also provides a fascinating insight into UK legal practice and legal updates. 

Secret Barrister

Another UK blog, this one written under an alias, the Secret Barrister (‘SB’) provides commentary on a range of legal issues pervading the legal profession in the United Kingdom. Thanks to their anonymous platform, the SB can report on the heart of issues and express genuine truths without the risk of compromise to their professional career. Definitely worth reading, and if you’re a big fan you can pick up their new book.

Kat Gallow

Kate Galloway, Australian lawyer and blogger
Kate Galloway, Australian lawyer and blogger

Kate Galloway spent 14 years as a property lawyer before starting as a legal academic in 2004. She is currently an academic at Bond and adjunct at James Cook University. Read her blog for insights into property law, legal education, social justice, equality, recognition and equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, and environmental issues.


If you are driving or catching public transport to and from work then podcasts can be a great way to pass the time and keep up to date.

The Law Report

 Damien Carrick of The Law Report on ABC Radio
Damien Carrick of The Law Report on ABC Radio and Podcast

This is a fantastic legal podcast produced by the ABC’s Radio National legal affairs program. Stay abreast of contemporary and interesting legal developments and enjoy discussions with some of the legal profession’s most interesting personalities and experts. 

The Happy Happy Life

Clarissa Rayward from Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast
Clarissa Rayward - Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast

Clarissa Rayward is dedicated to improving the process for divorcing couples and people requiring family law services in Australia by improving how the legal system operates. Stay up to date with her podcast discussing a range of issues and developments in family law and beyond. 

Beyond Billables

Michael Bromley from Beyond Billables
Michael Bromley from Beyond Billables

This interesting podcast explores the stories of leaders and change-makers who seek to drive the legal profession forward. Dive into a new story every week and get inspired by these incredible stories no matter where you are in your legal career.

Prima Facie

This fortnightly law and order podcast is hosted by an ex-Victoria Police officer and a lawyer. Listen to their discussions on a range of topics and enjoy as each side explores a different topic from their perspective. 

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