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February 3, 2020


Law professionals


The legal world is vast and complicated thanks to the judiciary system and constant changes of it and the legal processes which govern our society. For average Joe the legal eagle world is too foreign to venture into lightly. There are some individuals who not only make legal enterprises interesting and engaging they are personable, intelligent and creative folks who bring about influence that tests Aristotles claim that ‘law is reason free from passion’.

Joe Palazzolo - Wall Street Journal

Joe works for the Wall Street Journal as a journalist on legal affairs. He likes stories with a broad factual basis to create engaging content. The Wall Street Journal has been a mainstay on the scene for legal reporting for many years. It is influential in its delivery of need-to-know information and updates, including morning round-ups and the culture of law firms. Joe is a super legal eagle because: *His copy is readable, factual and relevant to the developing legal stories of the day. *He has knowledge and experience with the Department of Justice, anti-corruption enforcement, lawyers and law firms and the federal courts. You can read Joe's articles on the WSJ Law Blog or follow him on Twitter.

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Richard Ackland - SMH and

What Richard Ackland doesn’t know about Australian Law and publishing law journals isn’t worth knowing. He has been a staple of the Australian law scene for decades gracing both print and screen in honour of his favoured topic of law. Richard’s opinion pieces are ardent symbols of his knowledge and logic. Richard is a super legal eagle because: *In 1986 he founded his publishing company Law Press of Australia and continues to publish Justinian and Gazette of Law and Journalism *He received the Gold Walkley award – a prestigious honour that celebrates excellence in Australian Journalism You can read Richard's work at or follow him on Twitter.

Sam Glover -

Sam is a bourgeoning blogger who is a standalone fountain of knowledge for law practice technology, marketing and legal issues for the avid legal lover or enthusiast. He consults on appeals and motion practice and he works with start up companies specialising in ‘tech-head’ developments. Sam is a legal eagle because: *He successfully juggles the world of lawyering, blogging and consulting all at once *He has been successful with neologism cleverly coining the phrase ‘lawyerist’ for his increasingly popular website that covers an array of legal information and issues and aptly describes his portfolio legal career You can read Sam's articles on the or follow him on Twitter.

Greg Smith - Smith's Lawyers

Greg Smith is the Principal and founder of the notable law firm: Smith’s Lawyers. This firm operates across South-East Queensland offering clients expert legal assistance. Smith’s Lawyers employs 20 dedicated team members who work hard to achieve satisfaction for their clients. These employees are led by Greg Smith, a passionate enthusiast for justice and protecting personal rights. Mr Smith’s fervour for Plaintiff Litigation began when he was just a young man when he experienced a devastating accident that put his career and lifestyle in jeopardy. This life-changing event instilled within Greg a great understanding for personal suffering and he vowed to represent others facing similar life challenges. Thanks to Greg’s personal understanding of life’s set-backs he offers expert legal advice pertaining to people’s case and assists individuals with dealing with the emotional fall-out of particularly traumatic events. Greg can empathise with the seriousness of events and how they can affect your personal life. Why Greg is such a great guy: *He can empathise with trauma affected victims and clients *Greg has over 20 years' experience *With personal perspective, Greg can offer individual advice and support *He has shown commitment to seeking justice of Queenslanders for nearly 20 years personal perspective, Greg can offer individual advice and support for your case *Greg’s focus is on protecting and fighting for personal rights


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