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At Smith’s Lawyers, we understand that engaged and happy staff are the essence of our organisation. Our staff recognise the work they do makes a genuine difference to the lives of those who have been affected by injuries.

Our 2022 Employee Engagement Survey Results:

4.2 / 5

Overall Job Satisfaction

4.5 / 5

Management are approachable and supportive

4.3 / 5

I am receiving an appropriate level of training to carry out my job

4.5 / 5

I would recommend Smith’s Lawyers to others as a good workplace

Why Choose Smith’s?

Training and professional development

At Smith’s, when you win, we all win. We are with you in your journey for continuous improvement. All our staff set professional goals at the beginning of each year along with a tailored plan for learning and professional development. This development is strongly supported by Smith’s through allocating a training budget for ALL staff to participate in suitable external learning programs.

Our Principal, Amanda Edwards, was nominated as “Mentor of the Year” in the 2022 Lawyers Weekly “Women in Law Awards”. Amanda’s diligent dedication to mentoring our staff provides them with continual opportunities to grow and develop professionally as well as ensuring a positive experience for our valued clients.

Looking after your mental health

At Smith’s Lawyers, we take the mental health of our team seriously and do more than just pay lip service to this.

We support mental health programs such as R U OK? Day, not just on the day, but implement safe mental health practices throughout the year.

We have an all-hands casual coffee catch up each month to allow everyone to stay connected.

With regular input through weekly one-on-one meetings and a supportive team environment, we invest heavily in our team and support each member’s mental health.

We are unique

Our size allows us to adapt quickly to market conditions, client requirements and the needs of our staff. We can innovate and implement processes and changes efficiently without red tape and lengthy delays.

Another feature which sets us apart from other Personal Injury firms is our ‘No Win. No fee. No catch’ promise, ensuring clients are not left out of pocket, regardless of the outcome of their claim. We are an organisation that truly stand behind our clients and work to see their lives improved by our services.

What our people say

"I started my legal career as a Mailroom Assistant in a national law firm. This helped me to gain a better understanding of how a law firm functions. I held numerous support roles while studying and eventually progressed into a Solicitor position, before joining Smith’s Lawyers in 2017. I believe what really sets us apart from other organisations is the quality of the work we do and the value we place on client service and outcomes. I learnt more at Smith’s Lawyers in a few months, than I had in several years working with the other organisations due to exposure and opportunity to think outside the box to achieve positive outcomes. This includes working on a wide variety of matters including technical medical negligence matters, high quantum claims and complex psychological injuries. I am honoured that I am now able to share this extensive knowledge with other members of our team. Seeing them experience the growth and career progression I did is truly rewarding."

Icon of Stars
Amanda Edwards - Principal

"I’ve always found the area of Personal Injury Law genuinely interesting. I really like that senior management at Smith’s are down to earth and approachable. My direct manager gives me the right level of support and guidance, balanced with autonomy. I can see a clear career path to work towards and I’m given mentoring and professional development that is actually pushing me towards my career goals."

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Stephen Kerr - Paralegal

"I have worked in Law firms for a long time. I went to many job interviews and ultimately chose this role because I was looking for an organisation that provided not only a collaborative and professional working environment, but where I could also have fun and look forward to coming to work each day."

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Vanessa Villanueva - Receptionist

"I really enjoy practicing in the personal injury field. What I like most about working at Smith’s is that there is a lot of trust placed in me to run my matters without micromanagement. The guidance and mentorship from the Principal helps me to grow and empowers me to take on more complex matters. Also, I love that my goals are challenging yet actually achievable."

Icon of Stars
Juliet Cotterill - Solicitor

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