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Insuring yourself against total and permanent disability (TPD) is not something that most people contemplate when they start working.

A serious illness or injury is most distressing. Total and permanent disability cover and compensation can, however, make an enormous difference to your life if an injury or illness unexpectedly strikes.

What is Total and Permanent Disability?
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A Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim is a compensation claim against a person's superannuation fund that usually provides for a special benefit to be paid where a member can no longer work and is unlikely to work again. This can be ascribed to a physical or mental illness or an injury. We refer to the benefit as a TPD benefit.
Unable to Work Due to Total and Permanent Disability?
Your Superannuation fund usually provides for the possibility to make a TPD insurance claim where you cannot work because of a total and permanent disability.

The total and permanent disability need not be ascribed to a work injury or be caused by your employer.

This is a lump sum insurance payment that doesn't affect your superannuation balance. Smith's Lawyers can check your TPD insurance entitlements on your behalf and handle your case to ensure that you receive your full benefits.

Insurance companies sell TPD insurance as a separate product for income protection. This will suit a person with his or her own business.

With Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance you don't have to identify someone who is at fault. It protects you against economic loss if you cannot work due to a medical condition like an illness or an injury. However, you have to comply with the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to be able to claim a lump sum amount.

Smith's Lawyers can help you make a claim, or review your claim if your super fund has rejected your TPD claim. It's advisable to follow the claims process meticulously and to provide extensive evidence of your disability.

Talk with an experienced workers comp lawyer to learn more.
Common TPD Injury and Illness Types
Common TPD injury and illness types refer to anything that prevents you from working. The term "Disability" includes physical ilnesses such as:
- Heart attack or stroke
- Cancer
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Motor Neuron Disease
The disability could include mental illnesses such as: 
- Depression
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Anxiety
- Schizophrenia and more
Disability includes various injuries:
- Permanent work injuries, like back or shoulder injuries
- Loss of limb or fractures
- Loss of speech or hearing
- Musculoskeletal disorders and more
Claiming for TPD Against Your Superannuation Fund in Queensland
To make a TPD insurance claim, the company requires that you have been disabled for three to six months as a result of your injury or illness. TPD insurance contracts make provisions for exclusions. The precise definition of "total and permanent disability" differs from insurer to insurer.

Some TPD insurers cover you when you are unable to work in any occupation that you are trained, educated, or experienced for. Others cover you when you are unable to work again in your usual occupation.
How Our QLD Lawyers Can Help You Bring a Worker's Compensation Claim
TPD compensation claims are often complex and time-consuming. It can feel as if you are going back and forth all the time. Waiting for compensation claims to be assessed and settled can wear you out.

Not all TPD claims are automatically accepted. A study has found that more TPD claims are declined than any other type of superannuation insurance like death, trauma, or income protection.

A TPD policy is a legal document with terms and conditions with which you need to comply. A thorough understanding of this document is helpful to comply with all the requirements and to ensure that you submit all the right evidence.

Each super fund has its own governing rules and insurance arrangements under which benefits are payable. That’s where we can help you to bring a successful TPD claim.

Although you can do it on your own, Smith's Lawyers will drive the process for you. We encourage and support you all the way while saving you time and money.
The TPD Claims Process
The precise claim process varies between the different superannuation funds and insurers but there are some general steps in the process. If you make a claim on your superannuation policy in person, you will generally follow this method:

- Make contact with your superannuation company and give them particulars about your condition and when you stopped working.

- Speak to one of the company's Claims Assessors who can check your policy and indicate to you where you stand with your insurance claim.

- Send them your formal application and supporting documents. Make sure you include the Claim for Total and Permanent Disablement Benefit form (completed by you and your doctor), your identification, and medical evidence of your injury.

- A claims assessor will check your application together with your medical reports and assess your eligibility for payments.

- They may make numerous requests for additional evidence, information, or documentation. The insurer may ask you to attend medical examinations with their appointed medical specialists.

- The insurer will provide you with their written decision indicating whether they accept or reject your compensation claim.

Your insurer may postpone your case for a while if they need more certainty about your medical condition. The claims process is generally speaking lengthy. Insurance companies want to ensure that all the criteria are met to make a lump sum payout.

If your TPD insurance claim is successful, the lump sum is usually paid directly into your superannuation fund and you decide what to do with it from there.
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TPD Compensation in Queensland FAQs

Are There Any Upfront Costs?
No. With Smith's Lawyers, you can relax, knowing that you do not pay any upfront costs. Our first consultation anywhere provides free advice. During this conversation, we will provide you with answers to your questions and more detail specific to your claim for personal injury compensation.
What will my insurer consider when assessing my TPD claim?
Your TPD insurer looks at various factors when assessing your specific claim, for example:
- When you were injured
- How long you have been continually absent from work
- Whether you cannot reasonably do any type of work anymore
- If you are unlikely to be able to work again in your profession
- Whether you can fulfill other duties with your same employer
- If you can perform your tasks daily for a full day
- If you need continued care and rehabilitation
Who Can Claim Superannuation and Disability Insurance Benefits?
The following factors may allow you to lodge a claim:
- You were working and your employer was paying towards your superannuation;
- You suffer any illness or injury which prevents you from working for 6 consecutive months;
- You have personally entered into an agreement with a TPD insurer for income protection or disability insurance;
- You are under 60 or 65 years of age (depending on the terms of your insurance policy)

You may also be able to claim if a person you are dependent on (e.g. your partner or parent) dies and you want to claim death benefits from the deceased’s superannuation fund or insurance company.
How Long Does a TPD Claim Take?
Engaging a lawyer to handle your claim rather than doing it yourself usually goes twice as fast to receive your lump-sum payment.The process can take between 9 to 18 months or longer between making a claim and receiving your payout.
Does a TPD Claim Affect My Superannuation Balance?
No, it doesn't. The important thing is to have an active policy.

The compensation payout is from a separate policy within your superannuation insurance. The payment will not affect your superannuation funds balance. Neither will it affect your right to claim these funds when you want to retire. So that is reassuring to know.

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