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Family statement regarding coronial inquest into death of Renae Jean Mann

Amanda Edwards
Nov 9, 2017
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We’re overwhelmed by the bravery and resilience of Renae Jean Mann’s family during this difficult time, and are proud to be representing their interests. 

The following is a statement from Lynette Mansfield, mother of Renae Mann on behalf of the family in relation to the coronial inquest into the 2014 death of Renae Jean Mann at the Gold Coast University Hospital. 

Renae was the most loving, caring and generous person in the world. She could light up any room she walked into with her kind smile and contagious laugh.
But I will never see her smile again. I have been robbed of a full life with my daughter, and Renae was robbed of a full life with her three beautiful children. She will never see her youngest graduate from university or get married.
Renae was supposed to be in the safest place she could be, in a hospital under the care of doctors. But she was prematurely transferred to a mental health observation room where she did not receive the medical care she needed. An attempt to resuscitate her was badly delayed because she was not monitored appropriately.”  

“The circumstances behind her death have made it even more difficult for our family to grieve and move forwards. Despite her own personal health struggles, Renae had a real thirst for life and never would have voluntarily left this world.”

“In this inquest, Coroner McDouggal is investigating how certain medical and nursing decisions made at the Gold Coast University Hospital contributed to Renae’s devastating and untimely death.”

“We welcome this coronial inquest and the changes made at Gold Coast University Hospital since Renae’s death and pray that the findings help prevent future deaths of a similar nature, so that no other families have to experience the same grief.”

Renae Mann (photo provided by family)
Renae Mann (photo provided by family)
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