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Our No Win, No Fee, No Catch® promise is Queensland's first risk-free guarantee.

Our 'No Catch' promise makes 'no win, no fee' risk-free, like it should be.

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"We went no win, no fee thinking there was nothing hidden but you find out the hard way. We would have had a huge debt which could have affected my family having to sell their home."
- Richelle, gold coast

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No win. No fee. No catch.®
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Making a compensation claim can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. As Richelle found out, with most firms, 'no win, no fee' comes with a big catch which could mean risking your home.

Unlike most competitors, there are no circumstances where you can be left out of pocket with Smith's Lawyers thanks to our unique No Win. No Fee. No Catch®. promise. “What’s the catch we hear you say?” Quite simply, there isn’t one.


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"When I was 18, I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that gravely threatened my career and my lifestyle. From that moment I truly understood what it felt like to face tough challenges."
- Greg smith, principal & founder