No win, no fee lawyers, without the catch

Most 'no win, no fee' promises could leave you out of pocket. We are Queensland's first risk-free compensation lawyers. Insist on our ‘No Win. No Fee. No Catch. ®’ promise.

Queensland's first risk-free promise

Most no win no fee cost arrangements have a catch. Lose in court and risk paying the other side's costs, which can be huge. At Smith’s Lawyers you are protected by Queensland’s first risk-free compensation promise, ‘No Win. No Fee. No Catch’ and there are no circumstances where you could be left out of pocket. It’s 100% risk-free, like it should be.

Your Compensation Experts

Our friendly and compassionate team are experts in compensation law and have helped thousands of Queenslanders like you get justice since 1996. We’ll be there for you throughout the whole process and work hard to get you the best possible outcome.

Queensland Wide

Our team of compensation experts cover the whole of Queensland from our offices in Brisbane City, Southport on the Gold Coast and Birtinya (near Caloundra and Maroochydore) on the Sunshine Coast. We have clients from all over the state including Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and Toowoomba.

We keep things simple

Take advantage of our no obligation home visit, which means we can come to you for your convenience. During our visit, we will explain your rights in a simple way, without using legal jargon. You can also choose to come into one of our offices or do everything over the phone and online.

We protect you with our truly risk-free promise.

Insist on our 100% risk-free ‘No Win. No Fee. No Catch’ promise.

  • Almost all other 'no win, no fee' terms and conditions come with a catch. Lose your case in court and you may have to pay the other sides costs.
  • In the unlikely event that your case goes to court and you are not successful, we’ll cover the costs – so you won’t pay a single cent to us or anyone else.
  • For 25 years, we've never had a single client out of pocket. No upfront costs. Find out more about our No Win, No Fee, No Catch® promise.
  • Free initial legal advice & obligation free home visits. Check your rights now, call us on 1800 266 801 or start a live chat.
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Common questions about our no win, no fee legal services.


Absolutely not. You won’t face any out of pocket expenses from us or the other side. We will fund the costs of running the claim such as required medical reports and legal costs. You won’t pay a cent unless your claim is successful. We take on all the upfront costs and risks to ensure you are protected.


Most no win no fee cost agreements contain a clause that means that, if you go to court and lose, you may be liable for the other side's legal costs which can be substantial. You shouldn’t have to face the risk of being worse off for making a claim. We are the first Queensland compensation law firm to remove all risks with our ‘No Win. No Fee. No Catch’ promise. There are no circumstances where you can be left out of pocket.


No win no fee cost agreements mean the law firm takes on the upfront costs of running your case on a speculative basis. You only pay legal fees to your law firm if they are successful in gaining you a lump sum settlement. Most no win no fee law firms still have situations in which you could be left out of pocket. We are the first law firm in Queensland to remove all of these with our ‘No Catch’ promise.


Many factors such as age, loss of past income, profession and projected loss of earnings and superannuation will influence how your claim is calculated. Contact us now for a free assessment of your personal situation..


Compensation claims often come at a time in life when your income has been reduced or stopped altogether. No win, no fee means you can access justice without any upfront costs. Without such arrangements then it would be difficult for individuals to seek justice against well resourced insurers. With our additional ‘No Catch’ promise, it’s also risk-free.


All our claims are run on a no win no fee basis and we don’t charge a fixed percentage. If we win then you only pay for the actual work done on your claim. There are rules in Queensland that mean no law firm can charge more than 50% of the compensation you receive. Typically the figure our clients pay is equivalent to much less.


Our expert team will do everything they can to build a successful case for your claim. In the unlikely event that your compensation claim is unsuccessful with Smith’s Lawyers then our risk-free ‘No Catch’ promise means you won’t pay a cent to us or to anyone else. Typically with no win no fee cost agreements at other firms, if the claim is lost in court then you may be liable for the insurers (other side’s) legal costs.


No win no fee lawyers only get paid professional fees if they successfully settle a claim. For compensation claims then the defendant which is the insurer of the at-fault party pays the compensation to us as your law firm. We then deduct our legal fees and costs before passing on your lump-sum tax free compensation payout.