Weird Jobs You Won't Believe Exist

August 4, 2017


On the Job


Kristen Brown

Ask a bunch of 6-year-olds what they want to be when they grow up and you can bet you’ll hear, A doctor! A teacher! And maybe even An Octonaut! But that’s as far fetched as they get. Most will change their mind as they grow up and won’t ever be what their 6-year-old self wanted to be. But some won’t have even heard of the occupation they end up in...and you probably haven’t heard of them either. We’ve compiled a list of weird jobs that are so strange, you probably won’t believe they exist!

Professional pusher


Even though they didn't pick their future job as a child, people who end up in this occupation probably displayed the characteristics for the job from a young age. You know, the school bully? The one who pushed everyone else around? This is the adult version of their schoolyard persona. Professional Pushers are found in busy cities in Japan and have the job of making as many people squish into a train as possible by getting gloved up and jamming humans onto trains like sardines. It’s also their job to make sure no one get stuck in the doors as they close! Hey, at least everyone gets to work on time with all their limbs!

Sewer diver

Backlit figure of person diving into water

You read that right. Poop plunger, Doo-doo descender, stinky get the gist. These hardworking people are dedicated to keeping sewage systems running smoothly -talk about plumbing! Their job includes unblocking pipes, repairing machines and keeping their fingers crossed that their suit doesn't leak! Phew! You’re thinking, at least I’d have a suit! Don't hold your breath! Despite laws banning it, Sewer Divers in countries like India go head first into the job without so much as a snorkel.

Pet food tester

Dog licking ice cream cone

You probably get squeamish as you slop your pet's food from tin to bowl, but some people stare at, smell and taste this nasty stuff for a living! Pet Food Testing, believe it or not, is a full time job and pet food companies employ people to make sure what they're selling is fit for man’s best friend. Obviously you have to have a nose (and stomach!) for it in order to please pets and owners alike. After all, finding the balance between smelly breath and tasty treats would be quite the task!

Face feeler


Also known as a ‘Sensory Scientist’, Face Feelers, as the name suggests, have quite a hands on job. Chosen for their tactile sensitivity and ability to tell the difference between two similar products such as Vaseline and baby oil, Face Feelers can touch up to 50 faces a day to measure how a product will work on different skin types.

Meth cleaner

Person wearing bio suit carrying plastic bags

Dexter opened our eyes to the clean up after a bloody crime scene but what about a drug-related crime? Yep, you guessed it, there's someone out there who'll clean up your rental if your tenants have been up to something methy… Drugs like meth are cooked and during this process the drug contaminates the whole surrounding area. The porous nature of some materials like wood, fabric & carpets mean they ‘soak up’ the toxic drug as it cooks. Needless to say, Meth Cleaners perform more than just the standard ‘bond clean’, to get houses back to being livable. 

Professional Netflix watcher

Netflix screen

Have you seen that creepy feature where Netflix recommends shows it thinks you’ll like and is usually spot on? You can thank Netflix Watchers and their tagging abilities for that! Yes, the lucky few chosen for this job get paid to sit and watch TV all day long but there’s also a work element to it (if you can even count watching TV as work!). So if you’re sitting at your desk now wishing you were at home so you could ‘Netflix and chill’, this might just be the next career move for you.

Do you know of any other weird jobs? Let us know if the comments!

Kristen Brown

Kristen is a Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist. She has experience writing on road and work safety and legal rights topics. Currently she leads the content for Smith's Lawyers as editor and content creator for the blog.