6 Types Of Tradies You'll Meet On Every Site

August 22, 2017


On the Job


Kristen Brown

 We've collaborated with our friends at trade and service provider, service.com.au to come up with the 6 types of tradies you'll meet on every work site! 

1: The Gabber 

The Gabber Tradie

Their main focus is relationships at work and they are known for their great communication...and also their chatter! They feel it is their responsibility to bring everyone together. The Gabber tradie really is a great asset in a team as they help improve the company culture. Although, you have to be careful with these personality types - they can talk under wet cement! And because of this, they become easily distracted. When managing these individuals, your goal is to get them focused and redirect their energy towards the project. 

2: The Hard Yakka 

The Hard Yakka Tradie

The Hard Yakka tradie rarely needs assistance and always seems to follow through on any task. They are dependable on site, and you will find this personality type always finishes their job on time and to a high standard. Rarely will you have to ask the Hard Yakka tradie if they need a new task, as they will seek out their project manager themselves. Leading Hard Yakka types is simple, just make sure they feel valued and challenge them every so often so they can grow.

3: The Larrakin 

The Aussie Larrakin Tradie

The Larrakin is just as hard working and committed to the job as any member of the crew but always has time for a laugh. They are known for their humor and are able to ease any situation. For example, when a delivery of materials is late and the project is being held up, you can always count on The Larrakin to turn the situation into a lighthearted laugh or joke. This type of tradie is usually seen as someone who doesn’t take things too seriously. However, at the heart of their humour is a deep rooted sense of compassion for others. Similar to The Gabber, The Larrakin will find it hard to focus on tasks when they become a routine - The Larrakin needs a dynamic work environment with constant challenges.

4: The Apprentice 

Apprentice Tradie

Eager to please and fit in with the crew, The Apprentice is usually found stuck doing the least glamorous jobs on site. Seeking approval from their superiors, the new recruit can be susceptible to the tail end of a Larrakin's joke… “Hey, want to hear a construction joke? Sorry, I’m still working on it!”. Although The Apprentice lacks the skills of others on the job, they are eager to learn and crave mentorship from ‘leader’ types, like The Chief. When managing an Apprentice type make sure they are fitting in well and are learning something new everyday.

5: The Chief 

The Boss Tradie

Similar to The Hard Yakka tradie, these workers clearly love their job and are passionate about providing a polished product. The Chief personality type has a strong work ethic and they can always be found helping out others on site, no matter the time of day. This is due to their sense of teamwork and ability to gauge others emotions. They also help keep the team on task by motivating and encouraging - especially The Gabber types! One of the only pitfalls to Chief types is their desire to help everyone can lead to them spreading themselves too thin.

6: The Jack of all Tradies 

The Jack of All Tradies

The Jack of all Tradies (as the name suggests) is the tradie who has wide spread knowledge on a range of tasks at work. From OH&S to practical tasks, they are well skilled in most areas and can pick up new skills easily. They are a rock on site and work well under pressure. The Jack of all Tradies can be relied on to pick up the slack if someone is not on site and will put time aside to help out others. The Jack of all Tradies is a great asset, especially to The Apprentice types on site.

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments!

Kristen Brown

Kristen is a Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist. She has experience writing on road and work safety and legal rights topics. Currently she leads the content for Smith's Lawyers as editor and content creator for the blog.