Practice Learners Test - How Good Is Your Driving Knowledge?

September 20, 2017


Road Safety


Kristen Brown

Should you still be on Queensland's roads?

Ever wondered if you would pass your drivers test if you were to take your Queensland theory test again now? Well, now you can take our practice test with a number of scenarios and signs to test your road rule knowledge.

From indicating on roundabouts to overtaking and giving way, we've got it covered.

See if you are a road rules pro or if you need to go back to school and swat up again on your Queensland road rule knowledge.

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<iframe style="width:100%;height:300px;border:1px solid #cfcfcf;" src="" title="Pop Quiz - Would You Pass Your Learners Test Today?"><section><h2>Would You Pass Your Learners Test Today?</h2><p><div>Getting your Ls? Easy! Or is it? Take the test to see if you'd pass your learners test today!</div></p></section><section><h2>Which car has right of way?</h2></section><section><h3>In QLD can the driver of a vehicle be penalised for passengers not wearing seat belts?</h3></section><section><h3>What does this sign mean?</h3></section><section><h3>Who does Car A have to give way to?</h3></section><section><h3>Does car A or car C have right of way?</h3></section><section><h3>What does this sign mean?</h3></section><section><h3>Who must Car B give way to?</h3></section><section><h3>What does this sign mean?</h3></section><section><h3>If you are driving in the left lane, what are you permitted to do?</h3><p></p></section><section><h3>What does this sign mean?</h3><p></p></section><section><h3>Is car B permitted to overtake car A?</h3></section><section><h3>Is any car in the picture doing anything illegal?</h3></section><section><h3>When is it acceptable for a child aged between 4 and 7 to sit in the front passenger seat?</h3></section><section><h3>Is it illegal for car C to overtake B?</h3></section><section><h3>Which car has to give way?</h3></section><section><h3>When is it necessary for a car the cars above to indicate on the roundabout?</h3></section><section><h2>Do You Even Drive?</h2><p><div>Let me raced through the test thinking "easy peasy" then next minute you realised you don't know how to exit a roundabout. You should probably brush up on your road rules or expect to hand over your car keys pretty soon! </div></p></section><section><h3>You Know Your Road Rules!</h3><p><div>You did pretty well! Your score shows you know more than most when it comes to the road rules - you definitely deserve to be on the roads. We bet you cross every intersection correctly and abide by every dotted line! Congrats on being a knowledegable road user!</div></p></section></iframe>


Kristen Brown

Kristen is a Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist. She has experience writing on road and work safety and legal rights topics. Currently she leads the content for Smith's Lawyers as editor and content creator for the blog.