10 Campaigns That Proved Road Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

October 9, 2019


Road Safety


Harry Webber

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise how important road safety is, yet many of us are guilty of becoming relaxed with some of the rules we’ve learned.

Sometimes the best way to refresh and reinforce those regulations is by getting a little creative with our road campaigns, even if it means making people laugh before they think.

Here, we look at ten road campaigns that effectively grab your attention and keep you safe — even if they are a little cheeky.

1. The ‘Legend’

Apparently our Kiwi neighbours aren’t content enough with taking us down on the rugby field, but they also need to show us that they are twice as funny — as proven by their 2011 ‘Legend’ campaign.

Here the NZ Government lets young male drivers know that it’s OK to step in and tell a mate that they shouldn’t be driving, all with that signature Kiwi humour.

2. Oh deer, Canada

If there was an award for best use of a pun in a road safety campaign, we’d have to give it to those all-too-cheery Canadians.

This billboard, which takes wordplay to safe new heights, must be specifically be targeted to dads, as we all know they love these kinds of jokes.

Road sign showing a deer
Photo: Reddit, Athena123YT

3. Gran’s in the car

Never overestimate your ability to drive while distracted, and never underestimate the power of a granny in a car.

Side note: it’s hard to watch this one and not think about how long it must’ve taken the granny to get back on her feet after shooting.

4. Don't be a…

Hats off to the South Australian Government for this one.

Those cheeky southerners sure know how to drill home a safety message — one that everyone should follow, and make us giggle at the same time. Bravo!

Road safety ad road sign
Photo: Cyber Text

5. Gone in 15 seconds

It’s no secret that drink driving is a big killer on the roads, and this campaign from the Italian car company, Fiat, portrays that in record time.

It goes to show that in the 15 seconds you send a message, you can potentially save many lives, which is pretty incredible.

6. The trickster

We see what you did there.

It might be a bit hard to concentrate on the road after you’ve gone a little cross-eyed from reading it, but other than that, you’ve got to pay respects to the government for this one.

Road safety campaign ad with phrase
Photo: Pinterest

7. The pinky

Who could forget the infamous ‘pinky’ campaign?

The NSW Department of Transport and Main Roads really nailed the fact that any driver who thinks doing burnouts and ignoring pedestrians makes them cool, is actually quite the douchebag. Nothing like a dent in macho pride to make the road safe and the world a little better at that.

8. Handsy

Once again, our “frinds in the frudge” are making car safety great.

This time, the New Zealand Transport Agency have incorporated some awkward hand holding and a little bit of Lionel Richie to keep drivers from reaching for that phone.

9. The illusion

Read the below image slowly and you'll soon figure out how brilliant this campaign is, not to mention remind you that drink driving is for fools.

Here you can get an impression of what drink driving is like, without even having to get behind the wheel, or having to deal with a hangover.

Road safety ad and phrase with yellow background
Photo: 9gag

10. Art attack

You might need to do a double take to see just how clever this one ad by the University of Lahore is.

It shows us that all it takes is a few lines to communicate an idea that is so obvious, yet so often ignored — very economical.

Roas safety ad, asphalt, phone, and parking lines
Photo: University of Lahore
Harry Webber

Harry is a Sydney-based blogger and writer for Smith's Lawyers. He writes about a range of topics including workers rights and road safety.