Best Road Safety Ads 2016

December 14, 2016


Road Safety


Kristen Brown

From shocking ads that tug at the heartstrings to cheeky commercials that criticise drink driving, here are the best road safety ads of 2016.

1. Time with mum

This 4-part campaign follows 'Nate' who is stuck being a passenger in his Mum's car after losing his licence for three months.

Why it's great: Shocking and graphic ads are effective but often don't resonate. Losing our freedom and having to sit in Mum's car while listening to her sing along to the radio is a scary future we all can imagine!


2. Onde de choc

This French road safety ad focuses on the lives changed in an accident, rather than the accident itself. Studies show that we drive more recklessly when we are on our own compared to when we have passengers, because it's just our own life on the line right? Wrong. This ad shows the domino effect after someone is injured or killed on the road and how the lives of loved ones are changed forever.

Why it's great: It doesn't include who is at fault, gruesome injuries or penalties - it instead shows loved ones as they fly through the air amidst glass and debris, emphasising that they are victims of the crash too.


3. Meet Graham

This is Graham. A creation by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini representing what we'd all need to look like if we were built to survive car accidents.

Why it's great: built with legs that can leap out of harms way, thickened skin, ribs that extend up the back to the skull and a helmet-like head, Graham barely looks human - and that's the point. The ad brilliantly points out how car technology has evolved a lot faster than we have and how we are in no way equipped to survive the impact of a car crash.


4. Toronto guide to Bike Signals

This ad puts a cheeky spin on the popular car vs. bike debate and suggests making 'bike love, not war' by turning common 'signals' used into a more friendly adaptation.

Why it's great: It's quirky, fun but mostly because it's relatable. If you're a car owner, you have most likely flipped the bird at a bike rider and vice versa.


5. Texting and cutting hair

This ad is part of a series that shows people performing tasks that require concentration while trying to text at the same time. It points out that we wouldn't text while cutting hair, making pancakes or working out, so we definitely shouldn't while driving.

Why it's great: The train wreck of a haircut symbolises the car wreck you could be in if you text and drive.


6. Really bad day

This Work Safe ad shows the difference between a bad day and a really bad day at work.

Why it's great: This ad really puts into perspective what we worry about at work on a daily basis. Spilling food on our clothes is a worry and so is getting caught in the rain, but do we look after our safety at work consciously everyday?

7. Give a damn

Helen Mirren speaks frankly about what she thinks of people who drink and drive. This ad is simple, humorous and delivered directly to it's target market - the patrons of the Super Bowl. Her message is clear, don't drink and drive or you are an oxygen wasting, human form of pollution.

Why it's great: Helen Mirren chastising drink drivers and telling them they deserve a Darwin award while casually sipping a Budweiser is perfect.

Kristen Brown

Kristen is a Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist. She has experience writing on road and work safety and legal rights topics. Currently she leads the content for Smith's Lawyers as editor and content creator for the blog.