5 Safety Items to Carry in Your Car

February 5, 2015


Road Safety


Richard Greenwood

A roadside emergency can happen when you least expect it, so it pays to be prepared. Whether it’s just a flat tyre or something more serious, by having essential safety items in your car you can eliminate stress and ensure you are as safe as possible in any situation.

1: Mobile phone

Nexus 5 1 Mobile Phone

If you find yourself in trouble, a mobile phone can be a lifesaver. Although you may have roadside assistance that will cover you in the case of an accident - you need to be able to get in contact with them. If you don’t already have a phone, you can pick one up for as little as $20.

A charger is also an essential item - particularly if you are driving for a long distance. In-car chargers are affordable and will ensure that you’re never left without battery when you need it most. Also, if you are involved in an incident you can use the camera and apps to record all the details. Just make sure you don't use the phone while you drive.

2: Torch

When it’s late at night and you’ve broken down on a remote road, you’ll be thankful that you have a torch in your car. Your torch should be weatherproof and bright, and if possible try to get one that’s magnetic or has a stand so that your hands can be free to do other things.

Always keep a spare bulb and batteries in the car, you don't want to get caught out.


3: Car fire extinguisher

Car fire extinguisher

Even just an oil leak can spark a fire in your car, so having a fire extinguisher on hand can be incredibly useful in those situations. While you should always get away from your car as soon as any fire is noticed, small fires can be put out using a fire extinguisher to minimise the damage and danger.

4: High vis jacket and warning lights

Karl Lagerfeld wearing safety vest

If you find yourself having to stop at the side of the road, particularly at night, it is essential that you can be seen by others passing by. Reflective hazard triangles and battery-powered warning lights that can be placed around the vehicle are crucial for your safety.

You should also have a high-visibility jacket on hand to ensure you can be seen when standing outside of the car. All these items are readily available at your local auto accessories shop.

5: Pen and paper

Molesking quiver

Despite all the technology available to us, you can't go wrong with good old pen and paper. Great as a back up if you need to record details of an incident and your phone has run out of power. Make sure you jot down as many details as possible such as time, location, names and licence details of those involved, rego plates of any cars involved and any other key details or what happened. 

Other useful items to consider:

  • First aid kit
  • Small amount of cash
  • Jump cables
  • Basic toolkit
  • Tire gauge
  • GPS
  • Water
  • Spare fuses
  • Blanket
Richard Greenwood

Marketing Manager at Smith's Lawyers. Advocate for road safety and fan of technology that makes the roads or workplaces safer.