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How To Report A Car Accident In Queensland

There are certain steps that the law requires you to take following a motor vehicle accident. These steps are important to enable you or other persons involved in the accident to make a CTP insurance claim for any injuries they suffer.

Do I need to report a motor vehicle accident to police?

Each driver involved in an accident (regardless of fault) has a legal obligation to report the accident to police if:

  • someone is injured or killed;
  • drugs or alcohol may be involved;
  • a driver fails or refuses to provide their details; or
  • a vehicle requires towing.

Penalties apply if you do not advise police of a reportable accident.

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How long do I have to make a report to police?

The law requires that a reportable motor vehicle accident must be reported to police within 24 hours of the accident.

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How do I lodge a police report?

You can report a motor vehicle accident to police online at by downloading and filing out a Report of Traffic Incident to Police form.

You can also use the Policelink App on your smart phone or tablet. The My Crash function enables you to take details at the scene of the accident, map your exact location and even take photographs of the scene. You can download a copy of the app at the App Store.

Alternatively, you can report an accident in person by calling Policelink on 131 444 or by attending your local police station.

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How do I report a car accident to my insurance company?

If your car or another party’s car is damaged, you may wish to make a claim with your insurance company for property damage. It is important to inform your insurer of an accident as soon as possible, even if you decide you will not make a claim. Your duty of disclosure to your insurer will usually require that you notify them of any motor vehicle accidents you are involved in.

If you wish to make a claim, call your insurance company and request a claim form. Alternatively you may be able to download a claim form from their website and submit it online. If you have been injured then claims relating to the injury for costs such as loss of wages and rehab are cover by the at-fault drivers compulsory CTP insurance.

How do I get a copy of a police report for a car accident?

police report for car accident

You can obtain a copy of a police report through CITEC. CITEC is an organisation that provides access to information from government organisations, including police reports.

You can apply to CITEC in person or by fax or email. An application form can be downloaded from the CITEC website.  You can contact CITEC by phone on 1800 773 773.

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Last update on:
June 1, 2021
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