Greg Smith

Founder & Principal Lawyer at Smith's Lawyers

Greg Smith, the Founder and Principal Lawyer of Smith's Lawyers, embarked on his legal journey due to a deeply personal experience. A severe car accident at 18 left Greg with life-altering injuries, instilling in him a profound understanding of the physical, emotional, and legal challenges faced by personal injury victims.

This life-changing experience fuels his dedication to ensuring his clients navigate the compensation system with the support, care, and expertise they deserve.

His journey from recovering from a traumatic injury to establishing Smith’s Lawyers showcases his unwavering commitment to seeking justice and providing a voice for those affected by similar life-altering events.

In the 25+ years since starting the firm, Greg has worked to make accident compensation accessible for all Queenslanders and introduced the first risk-free compensation promise, No Win, No Fee, No Catch® to remove the financial risks typically found with accident compensation.

Practice Areas

  • Work Injury Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
  • Public Place Injury Claims


  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB), The University of Queensland

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What inspires Greg to help Queenslanders after an accident?

"My personal encounter with a traumatic car accident was the catalyst for my specialisation in personal injury law.

At 18, I suffered severe injuries in a crash, which drastically altered my life and career prospects. Facing the physical and emotional aftermath, I realised how life-changing such incidents can be. This experience not only made me empathetic towards others in similar situations but also ignited a passion to advocate for those unjustly suffering due to others' negligence.

My journey through the complexities of compensation claims, coupled with the realisation of how daunting legal processes can be, inspired me to create a law firm that genuinely understands and addresses the needs of personal injury victims."

What motivates Greg each day at Smith’s?

"The core of my satisfaction in aiding clients lies in providing them access to justice without the typical risks associated with 'No Win, No Fee' agreements.

What truly fulfils me is knowing that through Smith's Lawyers, I’ve been able to create Queensland's first risk-free compensation promise - 'No Win, No Fee, No Catch®'. This initiative was born from my own struggles and the daunting prospect of navigating the legal system under financial uncertainty.

By removing the financial risks that often deter individuals from seeking legal help, we’ve made justice accessible and less intimidating. Seeing my clients benefit from this approach, gaining the compensation they deserve without the fear of financial burdens if their case doesn’t succeed, is profoundly gratifying.

It’s not just about winning cases; it’s about reshaping how legal support is perceived and experienced in personal injury cases, making 'No Win, No Fee' like it should be – a safe and supportive pathway to justice."