How Can I Make a TPD Claim?

TPD Claims Process

If you want to make a claim on your TPD policy, you have two options:

  1. You can engage a TPD claim specialist lawyer to handle the claims process for you; or
  2. You can make a claim directly through your Superannuation fund or Insurer
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Option 1: Engage a TPD claim specialist

  1. Contact a law firm that specialises in handling TPD claims. Most reputable firms provide a free case review to determine your prospects of successfully claiming under your policy.
  2. Provide information to your lawyers to enable them to complete the claim documentation.
  3. Law firm will gather required information, make claim requests and handle communication with TPD insurer. Law firm will also arrange for expert medical reports to provide evidence of eligiblity to claim.
  4. Outcome will be provided to yourself and law firm.

What is the time frame for making a claim through a TPD specialist?

By engaging a TPD specialist to lodge your claim, you can receive your payout 2-3 times faster than going directly through your insurer. The time frame for a specialist lodged claim is generally 6 to 9 months. The chances of your claim being successful are also much greater.

Option 2: Claim directly through your superannuation fund provider or insurer

These are the steps you will need to go through in order to lodge a claim directly yourself:

  1. Contact your superannuation company and advise them of your condition and the last date you worked.
  2. Have a telephone interview with a Claims Assessor to determine your eligibility to apply.
  3. Submit a formal application together with supporting documentation including your completed Claim for Total & Permanent Disablement Benefit (which must be filled out by both you and your doctor), documents confirming your identity and medical evidence of your injury or illness.
  4. A claims assessor will check your application, and asses your eligibility for the payments you are claiming. He or she may make numerous requests for additional information or documentation that it required in order to make a decision.
  5. A written decision will be provided to you, accepting, declining or deferring* the claim.

*Your insurer may defer your application for a period of time if it is unable to make a decision on the medical evidence available regarding the extent of your disability and whether or not it will be permanent.

In order to get your TPD benefit, you’ll need to meet the criteria from your insurance provider including:

  • ‍Their definition of disablement
  • ‍The definition of permanent incapacity under Queensland Law
  • ‍The ‘disability super benefit’ as defined by Australian tax law
  • ‍The conditions of your policy and your ability to work in the future

What is the time frame for making a TPD claim directly?

The time between making a direct claim and receiving your payout can take anywhere up to 18 months. Using an expert TPD claims lawyer may reduce this to around 9 months.

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Last update on:
May 29, 2018
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