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If someone has been injured at work or in a car accident on the road, few of us can fund the repercussions of such an unfortunate incident.

The idea behind the no win no fee basis agreement is to grant access to the law via expert lawyers and legal services to every person who has suffered personal injuries or become unable to work. Another reason is to prevent clients from paying upfront costs.

Every client who has suffered a personal injury should be entitled to legal representation. No one should be denied justice.

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For Which Services Do We Offer
No Win No Fee Claims?

No win no fee claims pertain to personal injuries you have sustained and include the following:

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
Errors of judgment by drivers on the road cause accidents which often relate to fault or negligence on their part. If you have suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver's fault, our law firm will gladly assist you to bring a compensation claim, even if you are partly to blame. Talk to one of our helpful, specialist lawyers for your motor vehicle accident claims.
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Workers Compensation Claims
Injuries in the workplace range from carpal tunnel wrist injuries to serious brain injuries and depression.

You may claim workers compensation when you are injured or become ill whilst at work. Employers must comply with strict safety measures, especially on construction sites. Companies are frequently found to be at fault for workplace accidents and illnesses in this respect.
TPD Claims
If you should become unable to work due to an illness or injury, you may be eligible for a total and permanent disability (TPD) claim against your superannuation fund. This is a special benefit and it shouldn't affect your super balance. Also, the inability need not be work-related or be caused by another person's negligence.

Compensation law can be complicated and it is recommended that clients seek legal services for their TPD claims soon after the accident. The earlier you start the sooner you will receive your compensation payout. You have probably heard the phrase, "Justice delayed is justice denied".
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What Does No Win No Fee Mean?
Several lawyers across Queensland offer some form of no win no fee legal costs agreement in most cases of personal injury claims.

The law firms formulate their no win no fee agreements in various ways and you should know exactly what it means before you sign up.

Generally speaking, it means that if your claim for compensation doesn't present a successful outcome, you don't pay any fees to the solicitor who is handling your case. However, it isn't always the case with no win no fee lawyers.

With Smith's Lawyer's 'no win no fee no catch' we offer you a risk-free compensation promise. We negotiate on your behalf to always receive the most beneficial settlement amount.
How Do No Win No Fee Claims Work in QLD?
You should know what legal fees or costs entail. The types of fees that law firms generally charge are the following:
- Professional fees: to the lawyer as an expert who handles your claim by composing legal documents, and emails and coordinating the whole process.
- Disbursements (outlays) are amounts of money the lawyer pays to others on your behalf, like for a specialist medical report.
- The opposition's legal fees: if you lose your case, you may have to pay some of the other side's legal costs.
The law firm will advise you beforehand on your chances of a successful claim and give you an estimate of an eventual payout, once you have disclosed all your information to them. No win no fee lawyers are therefore positive about a successful outcome if they take on your case.

If you attain a successful outcome the lawyer's fees as set out in your costs agreement, and are paid to them from your compensation amount.

Smith's Lawyers promises that if your case were to go to court and have an unfavourable outcome, you won't pay us or anyone else a cent. In over 25 years, we are proud to say we have never had a client out of pocket.
How Long Do No Win No Fee Claims Take?
Each case depends on its specific circumstances and merit like:

- Whether you suffered minor or severe multiple injuries
- Whether you have to wait for information and reports from others
- The time it takes for your injuries to stabilise and more

In Queensland, the time a compensation claim takes to be finalised can be roughly stated as anything between six months and three years.
How Are No Win No Fees Calculated?
No win no fee lawyers use different formulae to charge for their legal fees. These are referred to as conditional fee arrangements, but they could also be time-based, task-based or itemised scale fees.

Queensland Law determines that professional fees charged by lawyers in these cases may not exceed 50% of your settlement agreement or court payout to protect clients (the so-called 50/50 rule).
How Do I Find Out If I Have A No Win No Fee Claim?
Remember that you can talk to us at any time by whichever mode of communication you prefer. You could take our 2-minute online claims check, or you could speak to us telephonically. We welcome a visit to any of our branches throughout Queensland at a time and place convenient to you.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because your first consultation is free anyway. Moreover, you are not obliged to continue with our firm thereafter if you prefer not to do so.

However, our expert team of no win no fee lawyers are at hand to provide specialised legal services to you and help you avoid risk with our fee policy.
Other Common Questions
What happens if i lose my no win no fee case?
It depends on what your written costs agreement stipulates.

With some no win no fee lawyers, your financial situation does not necessarily mean that you don't pay anything to anybody.You may still end up paying for disbursements or the legal fees of the other party.

That is not the case with Smith's Queensland injury lawyers as our no 'win no fee no catch' agreement protects you and you won't have to pay anything in the unlikely event that you lose your case.
Is there a catch with no win no fee?
There could be if you just blindly sign the contract set before you. It is your legal right to ask that the terms of the costs agreement, be properly explained to you. You could even ask for a second opinion on the contract presented to you for signature.

You should be wary of fine print that contains hidden costs or any additional fee like an uplift fee, interest or another surcharge.
How much compensation will i receive for my personal injury claim?
Once again, this will depend on all the circumstances of your case as there are so many different situations, types of injuries and compensation claims that can arise.

Do yourself a favour and talk to a caring lawyer at Smith's Lawyers today.
Lodge A "No Win No Fee" Claim
If you suffer injuries while at work, you don't have to worry about the whole process of making your claim or the legal fees involved. Here at Smith's Lawyers, we offer free consultation services for injured workers looking to kickstart their claims. As mentioned before, we also have a no-win no fee, no catch policy.
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