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12 Workers Who Slept Through Their Safety Training Course

Peta Miller
Feb 27, 2019
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Person standing underneath concrete brick

When it comes to workplace training, there’s no doubt that it can be a bit monotonous. Regardless, safety training is essential, and no doubt should be taken seriously.

Yet still, there are those who can manage to turn seemingly safeguarded parts of the job into dangerous situations. They’re the kind of people you meet and wonder how they’ve managed to keep a hold of all their limbs, and the kind of people with a Homer Simpson-like level of happy-go-lucky ignorance.

Here's a roundup of those types of people, going about their business, with little to no regard for the safety of themselves or those around them.

Let this be a lesson on what not to do on the worksite.

1. The homemade car jack

Man working under truck
Source: Reddit

Just looking at the picture and imagining what could happen, is enough to make you feel a little queasy. This guy’s going to have a mouthful of gravel if he’s not very, very careful.

2. Ingenuity at its finest

Man in lawnmower hanging from crane
Source: Elite Readers

What makes this photo even more remarkable, is that it took two people who don’t care about safety to make it happen: one to ‘drive’ the lawnmower and the other to operate the crane. Please tell me they are not from the same company?

3. Cardboard isn’t flammable, right?

Man with head in cardboard box
Source: Reddit

Not only is this incredibly dangerous, but you can imagine it would have creeped out all the kids in the neighbourhood. The story of the midnight welder is probably something of an urban myth in this suburb by now...

4. The yellow daredevil

Bulldozer on cliff
Source: Pinterest

Now we’re not saying we’ve thoroughly read the bulldozer safety manual, but we can’t imagine being nearly sideways on a cliff is recommended. There’s no way that reversing out of this situation could be fun.

5. Teamwork is key

Man on step ladder, other man holding it on stairs
Source: Work at Height Fail

We all know everything is better when you do it in pairs, but that shouldn't include practicing dangerous workplace pursuits. Talk about dumb and dumber!

6. My job rocks!

Man working next to boulder supported by branches
Source: Safety Culture

This worker wins points for wearing a helmet, however, he looses those same points for the poorly secured boulder that would surely crush him, regardless of his helmet.

7. Enjoying a Marlborough blast

Man smoking on construction site
Source: Safety Culture

This bloke must've skipped the training day when they went over the simple equation, that flammable, plus flame, equals boom. This photo gives a whole new meaning to the fact that smoking kills.

8. Fancy a dip?

Two men dangerously working by river
Source: Vicious Kangaroo

You can see here why the guy on the right is risking being swept away, as it looks like he’s actually doing some work. But the guy on the left on the other hand, just wanted the best seat in the house.

9. Getting legless

Man with leg in wood-chipper

I thought wood-chippers only shred wood?” says the guy who has never seen an episode of Fargo. Please don’t go stick your limbs in places they aren’t meant to go — it should be pretty self-explanatory.

10. Shocking ladder use

Man on step ladder working on electrical wire lines
Source: Safety Culture

Look, it's understandable to want to get a job done as quick as possible, but remember that cutting corners can end catastrophically. Also, unless you work for the circus, you shouldn’t be doing the splits whilst balancing on a ladder.

11. Higher Daddy, higher!

Man working dangerously on mobile elevated platform
Source: Reddit

OK, if you don’t want to think about your own safety, at least spare a thought for the innocent bystanders underneath the forklift. It doesn't take a genius to tell that this is not the smartest of moves.

12. The human anchor

Man holding other man working inside sewer hole
Source: First for Women

There’s a lot of trust happening here — trust and stupidity, that is. You’d think that the guy holding him could at least be keeping his eyes on the job, too! Just another day in the office for him, we suppose...

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