Road signs and signs in general exist to help guide us toward the right direction or keep us in check with rules and regulation. But what if these signs have been poorly misspelled? How are we supposed to take them seriously?

Take a look at these 12 signs below, it's too bad auto spellcheck doesn't exist on our roads.

1. Someone needs to go back to school.

Residential street, misspelled word written on asphalt
Source: Daily Mail

We can only imagine what they are teaching the kids at this shcool.

2. Why oh why is there a missing Y?

Road sign with typo

Who ever made this sign needs to learn how to finish their senten...

3. Right turn, wrong spelling.

Misspelled word on asphalt
Source: NewsLocker

Come on, get it rihgt, will ya!

4. To the left, to the left!

Typo on road sign
Source: Pinterest

Beyonce would be so disappointed.

5. Nothing to worry about then.

Misspelled word on parking sign
Source: Reddit

Totally fine to park here, the sign says so!

6. We don't need another excuse to miss the bus!

Bus road sign with typo
Source: Ross Parry

Sotp with all these spelling mistakes, please!

7. More like don't drink and make signs.

Misspelled green road sign
Source: Pinterest

It looks like someone was under the influence...

8. The irony is strong with this one...

Typo on sign
Source: Pinterest

Already not living up to the hype.

9. Should we go in, or should we go through the dirve thru?

'Drive' misspelled on road sign
Source: Reddit

As long as they get the order right, we suppose.

10. Claerly, there's something wrong here...

Typo on road sign painted on asphalt
Source: Daily Mail

There's nothing claer about this message.

11. The old your' and you're will get ya!

Wrong phrase in road sign

Surely we know the difference by now?

12. We're not lovin' it!

Misspelled phrase on Mc Donald's sign
Source: Fiveprime

This McDonald's sign will be sure to stop you in your tracks.

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