Does WorkCover Cover Injuries Incurred Travelling to and From Work?

Yes. If you incur an injury while you are travelling to or from work you may be covered by WorkCover. This is referred to as a “journey claim”.

A journey claim includes journeys between:

  • your home and workplace;
  • your workplace and a place of trade or training which you are required to attend for work; 
  • your workplace and a medical or rehabilitation appointment; or 
  • your employment with one employer and employment with another employer.

However, an injury sustained while on a “journey” may not be covered if:

  • you were driving while intoxicated or recklessly;
  • the accident was caused because you broke road rules;
  • you started your journey after a significant delay or deviation from your normal route; or
  • you have not left the boundaries of your home.
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Does WorkCover cover injuries from incidents that occur while on a break from work?

You may be covered if you are injured while on a break such as for morning tea or lunch.

Does WorkCover cover injuries from incidents occurring while an employee is working from another location?

Yes. If you incur an injury while you are working temporarily in another location including interstate or overseas locations you may be covered by WorkCover. If you were working at the time or doing a company organised activity then you may be entitled to make a workers compensation claim. Call 1800 266 801 or start a live chat to get more advice on your rights.

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Last update on:
February 26, 2020
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