Toe Injury Compensation Claims

Broken toes can be debilitating. Walking, driving, working, and just living your life suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated as you heal and recuperate.

Although to some people toe injuries may seem minor, for others a toe injury, particularly a broken toe can be a serious injury and can limit your ability to do your day-to-day job and everyday activities. Foot and toe injuries are relatively common and, while they may sound mild compared to other bone breakages, they can have a significant impact on your life, sometimes causing issues that can last for the rest of your life.

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Common Causes of Toe Injuries

There are many ways in which you may sustain foot and toe injuries. You may have contact with objects - such as tripping over immobile objects, kicking a toe, or crushing injuries. Toe injuries can range from mild, such as a stubbed toe, through to serious, such as a crush injury causing multiple injuries, or an extremely serious injury an amputation of a toe or toes.

Some of the most common foot and toe injuries are caused by:

Crush Injuries: where the toes or foot is trapped between two objects causing damage such as soft tissue damage, broken bones, ligament damage, bleeding, and pain.

Breaks: Where a bone in the toe is broken due to impact or contact with an object.

Sprains and Strains: Where the toes have soft tissue damage, swelling and pain.

Where the toes are partially or completely amputated due to trauma.

Toe Injury Compensation Claim Types
Toe Injury at Work
Workplace injuries can happen due to contact with machinery, tools or vehicles, or due to accidents such as crush injuries. Some work environments and jobs are very strenuous and require you to be on your feet all day. The likelihood of sustaining a broken toe injury in these sorts of circumstances is much greater if you undertake work that requires manual labour and where your feet are subject to injury.

A fall from a height in your workplace could cause you to sustain a broken toe or foot injury especially if you land awkwardly.

Your footwear may also be a contributing factor for broken toe injuries. In some cases, you may not have appropriate footwear for your employment and this can cause you to suffer to or foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, which can worsen over time.

If you have sustained broken toes due to a workplace accident, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. If your toe injury was caused by your employer’s negligence, we can help you to claim the compensation you deserve. Such injuries may be caused due to the fact that improper health and safety measures are in place.

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Toe Injury Due to a Motor Vehicle Accident
You may not realise but toe and feet injuries during a car crash are quite normal. It’s a natural response for your body to tense and brace itself when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is your body’s response to the impact it has undergone. Your ankles and feet often receive the full force of pressure from the impact of your body weight, this sudden force can at times lead to broken toes.

Find out more about making a motor vehicle compensation claim.
Toe Injury Caused by Slip and Fall
Slips, trips and falls can happen in pretty much any scenario you can think of - in building foyers, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, on the street or while using public transport. No matter where you slip, trip or fall, you may sustain a broken toe injury due to your fall. You may fall heavily on your foot and toe or in the process of tripping over kick your toe really hard and break it.
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What Evidence is Required to Make toe Injury Workers Compensation Claims?
If you have been injured in some kind of accident and broken your toe or toes, you should seek medical treatment for your injuries first and foremost. Your doctor will decide on the best treatment for your toe after doing a thorough diagnosis to determine the location and severity of the injury. An X-Ray is the most common diagnostic test done to determine if the toe is broken and to pinpoint the exact location and the severity of the fracture. When you are seeing your doctor, be sure to let them know how you sustained the injuries you are presenting with.

Toe injury compensation will depend on the severity of the injuries and the extent to which your mobility is affected. If you are unable to walk for a certain period of time, or your mobility is limited, then your earning potential may be affected.

When preparing your toe injury claim you will need to:
- Make sure you've reported your injury to your employer.
- Obtain a medical certificate. In most states this is called a work cover medical certificate, which you can obtain from your usual doctor.
- Lodge a worker's injury claim form. This is a standard form which you can obtain from your employer, from your workers' compensation insurer, or we can provide you with the form upon request.

Make sure to keep copies of both the claim form and the medical certificate before you give the originals to your employer or workers' compensation insurer.

If you require time off work to enable your toe or foot injury to heal, your situation may become costly due to decreased wages coming in. You may find the unexpected medical bills, time off work and rehabilitation if needed can mount up. If you have been in an accident that has left you with toe injuries you may have a case for a personal injury claim. Be sure to maintain evidence and gather supporting documentation of all your treatments to show your injuries were the result of the accident in question.
How Long do Toe Injury Settlements Usually Take?
Settlement timeframes are very much dependant on individual circumstances, no one broken toe or foot injury claim or associated injuries are the same. Some toe injury claims will form part of a larger compensation claim. But if your injuries are more serious or require surgery, there’s a fair chance it can take longer.

A foot injury and broken toe injury can be difficult to recover from, as there are many small bones in the toe and foot which cannot be set in a plaster cast and which simply require time to heal. In some other cases you may need to isolate the toe and or foot and joint, and wear a moon boot, or similar, to ensure that you do not further damage. All of which these factors can have various timeframes to heal and get you on the right track again.

Your experienced legal team will be able to provide an estimate of the timeframes you can expect once they have fully reviewed your claim and have a thorough understanding of the impacts of your injuries.
Is There a Time Limit For Making a Toe Injury Compensation Claim?
In Queensland there are time limits for making personal injury compensation claims. You have three years from the time the injury occurred for most claims unless you were under 18 when the injury occurred. Some exceptions do apply.

Time limits may vary depending also on which compensation avenue you are needing to take.

Seeking legal advice as soon as you can may assist in making sure you receive the full compensation you deserve for your toe and foot injury claims. We will ensure that your legal rights are protected and you have access to your full entitlements.
How Much Does it Cost to Lodge a Toe Compensation Claim?
We offer a ‘No Win. No Fee. No Catch’® promise on completing your broken toe injury compensation claim, which means there are no upfront costs and you will never be left out of pocket. Fees are calculated on the amount of work done and will be explained to you in full before your claim commences and before you sign any kind of agreement.
What Are The Average Payouts For Toe Injury Compensation Claims?
There’s no schedule of how much compensation you may receive for personal injury claims, due to every situation and circumstance surrounding injuries being so different for everyone. Toe injury compensation payments might be for a broken big toe, or might be for something more serious like the complete or partial amputation of a toe, or multiple toes.

Once our experienced team have assessed your foot injury claim, they will set out for you the types of compensation you may have access too. Toe injury compensation claims are calculated by considering the injury you have suffered and how your injury is affecting your ability to work and lead a normal life.
Can I Represent Myself When Making a Toe Injury Workers Compensation Claim?
Seeking legal advice isn’t required to make any personal injury compensation claim in Queensland, you are more than able to represent yourself.

Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers will be able to guide you through the compensation legal process and assist you to obtain and access all possible avenues of compensation.

If you have sustained a broken toe injury due to a workplace accident, motor vehicle accident or due to a slip or fall in a public place you have the right to access compensation for your injuries.

Having an experience lawyer on your side will help you to navigate the complex legal landscape and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.
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