19 Moments When Roads and Stupidity Mixed

July 31, 2018


Road Safety


Harry Webber

Roads and stupidity should never mix, though they often do. Driving on our roads can be dangerous at the best times, let alone when human error caused by lapse in judgement or sheer laziness is thrown in the mix.

Take a look at these 19 examples below that show perhaps self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, may not be such a bad idea after all.

1. “It’s just cement, what’s the worst thing that could…”

Car stuck in cement
Source: Reddit

In case anyone out there needs reminding; wet cement and vehicles do not mix... Unless it’s a cement mixing truck (in which case, that’s exactly what happens). 

2. The human counterweight

‍Source: Reddit

Next time your buddy says they need some help moving some timber, just remember your input might not be the most challenging work you’ve ever done.

3. I'm not drunk, you’re drunk

Source: Vorply.com

Staying straight on the road is hard enough for some drivers as it is, there's no need to make it even harder.

4. The Tetris master

Source: brilio.net

Moving house can be stressful, but nothing would induce more anxiety like sitting in the passenger seat of this car while the driver reassuringly says, “It’ll be sweet, mate.”

5. “Nah, you go first!”

‍Source: Reddit

You know when two indecisive people meet at a four-way stop sign? Well, this is that gone wrong, in the worst possible way.

6. Le Tour De Pole

‍Source: Reddit

Clearly whoever was behind this is not the biggest fan of cyclists, or a at least not a fan of cyclists heading in that particular direction.

7. Words can be hard sometimes

Source: Ross Parry

You know those moments after a big night when your brain sotps working? That must be what happened here…

8. What do you reckon the tide is doing?

Source: abc.net.au

Some vehicles are made for water — we call them boats.

9. The M. C. Escher wannabe

‍Source: Reddit

This could be understandable if it linked to one of the ramps, but there’s sadly no escaping the stupidity here.

10. Forgetting something?

‍Source: Reddit

With petrol prices today, who can blame the consumer for wanting a little more? Perhaps this is taking things a little too far though...

11. Wrong place, wrong time

‍Source: Reddit

Looks like this driver caught the road construction worker on a very bad day. 

12. “Somebody call the…"

Source: faildrive.com

You’ve gotta wonder if this copper gave himself a huge ticket.

13. The little gate that could

‍Source: Reddit

This little guy is so cute, you’d probably feel too guilty going around and end up paying anyways.

14. The nature lover

Source: sliptalk.com

Look, if I want to get in touch with my wild side, I’ll head to a bush doof like everyone else.

15. For heaven's sake!

‍Source: Shanice Norris

The person inside the coffin is probably wondering how could this day could get any worse.

16. What am I looking at?

‍Source: Reddit

Five-star Uber for service, but is there any chance I could charge my phone?

17. Tight squeeze

Source: faildrive.com

You can only imagine the intense sounds of crumbling metal and a disintegrating pay cheque as this truck driver attempted the improbable.

18. Waiting for a mate

Source: theprovince.com

“No officer, I swear I wasn’t drinking. This is how I always park.”

19. Driving like a…

Source: ahmbay.com

“Ok guys, very funny,” he said, after realising why he’d been banned from church.

Harry Webber

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