Are These 10 Cars The Ugliest Of All Time?

March 27, 2019


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Harry Webber

Cars over the years have come in all shapes and sizes; the expansive to the compact, bold to refined, and the good-looking to the plain ugly.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not nice to call anyone or anything ugly, but the following list of cars are so peculiar that only a mother, or an owner could love them.

1 The Fiat Multipla

Source: The Globe and Mail

Considering Italians are renowned worldwide for their style and design, it’s hard to imagine how the Multipla ever came to be. Produced from 1998 to 2010, the back half of the vehicle looks like someone is wearing a belt that is a few sizes too small, while the front half looks like two ill-fitting puzzle pieces mashed together. This particular design looks like one of those sad ‘party hats from the 90’s.

2. The Nissan Cube

Source: MB Group

Why buy a car when you can buy a cube? Well, probably because you look ridiculous driving a cube on wheels. The Cube was born in 2008, and is still popular in Japan, despite a mass recall in The US in 2010. And in case you’re wondering, the recall was related to leakage not ugliness.

3. The Suzuki Wagon R

Source: Auto Evolution

There has been 5 million of these monstrosities sold over the world, which is quite astonishing, given the fact that it's incredibly painful to observe. It looks like a confused car that doesn’t know whether it wants to be a van or sedan — either way it’s a no from us.

4. The Ford Falcon GL Wagon

Source: Wiki Media

How do you make an ugly car even worse? Just make it larger, and that way people will have to look at it for even longer. Sorry if we’re ruining anyone’s childhood who's family picked up one of these in the years between 1979 and 1982.

5. The AMC Pacer

Source: Axle Addict

In the mid-70s designers of the AMC Pacer wanted to "stay ahead of the game" by incorporating safety features that they were anticipating would be implemented in coming years. They did so by putting in a roll bar, B pillars, and extremely thick doors, which made the car very heavy for its size. Obviously they spent a lot of time on this, and not so much time on designing the look of the car that winded up with the nickname the “rolling fishbowl”.

6. The Mazda 121 Sedan

Source: Used Cars

It seems with the Mazda 121, that designers were looking to tap into a very specific market; people with little to no taste, that can't decide whether they want a small car or a tiny car. What's even more concerning is that the 121 only earned a 1-star safety rating.

7. The Sebring Vanguard Citicar

Source: Popular Restorations

Manufactured from 1974 to 1977 in The US, the Citicar was actually an electric car, and it makes you wonder if was designed by oil companies to keep the public away from going electric. Surely no one would risk being caught in this, even if it was saving the world?

8. The Suzuki X-90

Source: Pinterest

Sorry for picking on you Suzuki, it’s just that some of your designs exude a certain type of ugliness that is indeed very rare. The X-90 looks like a 4WD and a convertible had a baby — and a not very cute baby at that.

9. The Holden Gemini

Source: Car Sales

So despite the Holden Gemini being an Aussie car, we don’t have to take all of the blame for its ugliness, as the model was based off the Japanese Isuzu Gemini. That said, you can’t unleash a car as impractically and grotesquely shaped as this one and expect to get away scot-free. Pull your head in, Holden!

10. The Nissan Juke

Source: Cars Wow

Is it a rolled up piece of blu-tak? Is it based of a children's Disney movie? No, it’s the Nissan Juke. Surprisingly the Juke is still selling after being introduced to the world back in 2011, despite looking so cartoonish you wouldn’t be shocked if it started talking.

Harry Webber
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