Strangest Things Seen On The World's Roads

February 18, 2018


Road Safety


Steph Coelho

Driving is not always eventful but sometimes when you least expect it, you get the chance to spot something truly bizarre on the road. Think about the strangest thing you’ve seen while coasting down the highway. We’re going to get weirder. Below, you’ll find some of the oddest objects, signs, and happenings that have appeared or occurred on roads around the world.

1. The Cutest Backseat Driver


Because sometimes, your donkey deserves to be driven around and not ridden.

2. Nothing To See Here


Here’s photographic proof that they’re here and living among us. But not as technologically advanced as we thought…

3. The Real Issue Here? No Helmets!


What’s shocking is the lack of concern for that sheep’s safety.

4. Style On The Road



When you have this much confidence you had better hope that bike seat is comfortable.

5. The Smelliest Road Of Them All


Sometimes, it rains weird stuff including fish. That road must smell terrible. Years later, there must still be a lingering fishy odour in the air.

6. R-EEL Big Accident


Get it? These gross creatures are actually a popular food in Korea. A shipment of them spilled in Oregon earlier this year. Nightmare fuel.

7. Definitely Safe


This is obviously the best way to transport a water vehicle. No need to tie it down or secure it in any fashion. YOLO!

8. Practice Makes Perfect


You’re never going to get good at what you do if you don’t also try to do it while driving.

9. Google Street View Oddity


This is either a prank, a horror movie film set, or a really really weird pigeon-centric cult.

10. Hole Up!!


It’s worrisome that they’re blocking this insanely deep-looking hole with a single police vehicle. What if someone comes from the trees and unexpectedly falls in?

11. Catch of the Day


Just a guy with a week’s worth of dinner strapped onto his motorcycle.

12. Road Fishin’


When life hands you a puddle in the middle of the road, you sit down and fish for the day.

13. Ahoy Mateys!


There’s no way that ship can go fast enough to be allowed on the highway.

14. Passing The Time


When you’re bored at work with your co-workers and your boss is gone for the day.

What's the strangest thing you've seen on the road? Share your crazy stories below!

Steph Coelho


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