Don't Get Caught Out By No Win, No Fee Small Print

November 30, 2017


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Kristen Brown

No win, no fee - sounds simple enough. If you don't win your case, you don't pay any money, right? Unsurprisingly, it isn't that straightforward. Along with the 'no win, no fee' promise often comes a list of catches and conditions and if you don't read the fine print properly, you could be left out of pocket.

Beware the asterisk*

We're all familiar with the fine print attached to an asterisk on a product or service and the 'no win, no fee' promise is no exception. It 's true that you won't have to pay your law firm any legal fees unless you are successful in claiming compensation but there are a few exceptions to the rule.

  • If you go to court. While the majority of injury compensation matters are settled before reaching court, some matters will proceed to this stage.  In a court case, the judge has the power to award legal costs to the winning side. This means that if you lose in court, you could be liable to pay the insurance firms legal costs.
  • Expert medical reports. If you were sent to medical experts by your lawyers then you could be billed for these reports, often thousands of dollars each.
  • Other outgoings. On occasion, you could be liable for fees incurred by the law firm such as printing, postage, insurance on litigation loans.

No catch, no worry

Things to remember when choosing a 'no win, no fee' law firm:

  • Ask for a free claim check
  • Ask if there are any circumstances in which you could be left out of pocket.
  • Read testimonials from previous clients
  • Make sure there is no catch

A lot of law firms that offer 'no win, no fee' but that's where Smith's Lawyers are different. Unlike other firms, we offer truly risk-free promise where you won’t pay a cent to us, and more importantly, to anyone else, unless we win your case.

Unlike most firms, Smith's is risk-free.

Check your rights with no risk or obligations. Call 1800 266 801 OR request a call-back for free initial advice from our trusted legal team to arrange a home visit. 

Smith’s is a Queensland law firm with a truly risk-free promise, ‘No Win. No Fee. No Catch’.

No upfront costs and no circumstances in which you can be left out of pocket.

Kristen Brown

Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist at Smith's Lawyers


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