18 DIY Car Repair Fails That Are Definitely On The Naughty List

December 11, 2016


Road Safety


Kristen Brown

Cars. They take us from place to place daily, keep our family safe and even give us ‘street cred’ depending on which one we choose. And how do we repay them? We tempt fate by seeing how little fuel we can run on, forget to service them and even give them ridiculous modifications which probably leave them wishing they’d been sold for parts. 

Then there is next level unkindness - the DIY car repair!

In the spirit of the silly season we’ve compiled 18 of the worst (or best?) DIY car repair fails that will leave you cringing, crying and maybe even wishing you’d thought of it first.

1. We bet this driver is hoping no one con-ducts a road worthy

Duct tape car bumper repair

2. And you wood-n't want to rear end this driver

Wooden plank for car bumper

3. Nothing to see here...

Hair mirror taped to car wing mirror

4. ...literally nothing to see here

Sunglasses used for car wing mirror repair

5. Not sure the kids would be fighting over this window seat

Car window repair fail

6. Waving and wiping - multitasking at it's finest!

Oven mitt on car windscreen wiper

7. We give this car owner 10/10 creativity - 1/10 usability

Printed photo of a car light used for fake repair

8. Which is more than this owner deserves for their 'light bulb' moment

Torches instead of car headlights

9. This owner definitely NAILED IT!

Staples in car steering wheel

10. And there is certainly no pro to this air con

Home window air-con installed in a car

11. A medicine bottle is never a remedy for a smashed light

Food containing and medicine container used for car headlight and indicator repair

12. And a regular bottle isn't either

Plastic bottle in place of car headlight

13. Ever wanted to see the opposite of pimping your ride? Here it is

Motorbike windscreen in a car

14. Or what the Frankenstein of the car world looks like? Right here

Zip ties used to repair bumper

15. 100% of people would (s)wipe left on this car

Broom used for windscreen wiper

16. And 0% would invest in this genius fuel cap

CD disc taped to car petrol refill cap

17. Please don't copy this sheet house replacement

Car smash repair fail

18. Instead reduce, reuse, recycle your car door

Cardboard used to repair car door

Tell us your DIY car repair fails by confessing in the comments below!

Kristen Brown

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