10 Coolest Celebrity Cars 

May 18, 2020


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Jack Delaney

From Lamborghinis and Ferraris to Teslas and Mustangs, everyone has their personal dream car. The difference is that celebrities can actually afford to buy theirs.

Driving fancy cars is basically a condition of entry as a celebrity. Celebs of all shapes and sizes are known to drive cars that cost more than what average people make in a year. 

Even Karl Stefanovic, surely the lowliest tier of celebrity, drives a $180,000 Mercedes-Benz. If Karl’s Today Show money gets him that beast, imagine what movie stars, rappers, models and other famous folks drive around in. 

Well, you don’t have to imagine. Seeing that we can’t afford our dream cars we’ve decided to take a look at some of the coolest celebrity cars – and live vicariously through them. Check out the 10 Coolest Celebrity Cars below. 

Sonny & Cher’s Matching Mustangs

One of the first celebrity power couples, Sonny and Cher were R&B royalty in the 60s – and their custom 289 CID Mustangs are certainly fit for a king (and queen). George Barris, the “King of Kustomizers” helped make the cars as cool and iconic as the duo themselves.  

Flo Rida’s Gold Bugatti

When you think of rappers you think “flashy”. Well, flashy doesn’t even do this car justice. Flo Rida’s Bugatti was originally wrapped in chrome, but deciding that wouldn’t cut it, he instead went for a C3-PO look. Crazy? Sure. Cool? Hell yes. 

Kanye West’s Sterling Moss

The Mercedes SLR Sterling Moss is already an awesome-looking vehicle. Then Kanye took off the roof and the windshield, turning it into something between James Bond and Back to the Future. Limited to only 75 units worldwide, the closest you’ll come to this car is reading this post. 

David Beckham’s Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Several of David Beckham’s cars could make this list, but his most breathtaking purchase is that of a fire red custom Astron Martin V8 Vantage. Produced in 1988, the car is a classic, unique for its V8 racing engine. Who knew that it pays to be one of the biggest soccer stars in history? 

Jay Leno’s EcoJet

Not happy to just pay someone to customise an existing car, former late-night talk show host Jay Leno decided to build his own. In partnership with General Motors and airline EcoJet, Leno built a car using a turbine engine meant for a helicopter. Capable of speeds of 260km/h, it’s the crowning jewel of Leno’s 136-car collection. 

Beyoncé’s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II

This beauty was gifted to Beyoncé from Jay-Z for her 25th birthday. When you’re worth over $1 billion, I suppose you can afford to spend $1 million on a gift. In production between 1955 and 1966, the Silver Cloud is one of the most highly sought-after vintage cars in the world. 

Jay-Z’s Maybach Exelero

If you think the Sydney housing market is expensive, Jay-Z’s Maybach Exelero is worth a jaw-dropping $8.8 million. One of only 12 in the world, it is one of the most luxurious and exotic supercars ever produced. 

Nicolas Cage’s 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina

You may be used to seeing Nicolas Cage in terrible movies, but you’ll also see him in this $3.6 million classic. Introduced at the 1958 Paris Motor Show, this elegant coupé would be anyone’s dream car. 

Jerry Seinfeld’s 1955 Porsche 550 RS

Seinfeld has one of the largest car collections in the world, including this 1955 550 RS, one of the rarest Porsches in the world. Hitting speeds of 225 kilometres per hour and with a classic sky blue body, it’s one of the most beautiful cars in automotive history.  

Robert Downey Jr’s Custom 1970 Ford Mustang Boss

If you thought only Iron Man’s Tony Stark had good taste in cars, he has nothing on the man who plays him. This fully rebuilt boss features carbon-fibre panels, a custom steering wheel, a ridiculous supercharged V8 engine and even a one-of-a-kind ‘wheat’ paint job. 

Jack Delaney

Jack is an experienced writer who has worked for publications such as, National Geographic, The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC.


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