10 Cars That Should Have Gone To The Wreckers Yesterday

March 2, 2020


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Jack Delaney

For people that can’t afford to buy their dream car straight off the lot, fancy modifications and customisations are the next best thing. 

Plenty of car enthusiasts are willing to do anything to make their cars stand out on the road. They’ll spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours tinkering with their baby, adding everything from paint jobs and rims to sound systems and custom interiors. 

Now, admittedly, I know nothing about cars. I drive a ten-year-old Holden Barina and can’t tell a spark plug from a Flux Capacitor. However, I have watched enough Pimp My Ride and Top Gear episodes to be able to know when a car looks good. 

Unfortunately, some people are the opposite. They’ve got the money and the means, but absolutely zero eye for design. This results in some bizarre abominations that will make you question what on earth the owners were thinking (or smoking). 

Check out these 10 cars that should have been taken to the wreckers yesterday. 

1. Stranger Things

A mechanic from Illinois spent $6,000 turning a Ford Ranger pickup truck and a F-150 into one ridiculous looking car. What resulted is some sort of mirror image, upside down mess that gives you a headache if you look at it too long. 

2. Go figurine

At first glance it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at with this modded car, but believe it or not, this eyesore is covered in plastic figurines, models and toys. It’s like a child’s bedroom on wheels. 

3. Hello Kitty

What better way to declare your love for Hello Kitty than to transform the interior of your car into a shrine to it? I don’t see the logic, but the owner (who is obviously a three-year-old girl) did. 

4. Imitation is flattery

This car is like a child’s idea of a cool car. “When I grow up, I want a convertible with huge rims and I want it to be covered in gold.” Either that, or it was used in a bad rap video from the ‘90s. 

5. Spaceship chic

How do you elevate a van to epic status? Apparently, you paint it pink and add all sorts of customisations to make it look like a flamboyant Transformer. Aside from the silly look, this monstrosity just isn’t practical – how do you park it?

6. Low fashion

Coco Chanel once said, “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.” I’m not sure she’d appreciate this distinctly unfashionable car!


7. Cadillac Bus-calade

Fans of The Magic School Bus might love the look of this custom Cadillac Escalade, but I think its style is best left to the cartoons.   

8. Spoiler alert

Not only is this vehicle painted a hideous lime green colour, the custom spoiler looks like something from IKEA used to hang clothes on or something. 

9. Exhausted

This vehicle has so many exhaust pipes that it looks more like a pipe organ than a car. With all those exhaust pipes, the sad thing is that it probably sounds worse than it looks. 

10. Fuzzy fresh

The owner of this vehicle decided to top off his Furby collection with a VW Beetle that he converted into one. It looks more like Were-car to me, but either way the end result is truly terrifying.  

Jack Delaney

Jack is an experienced writer who has worked for publications such as, National Geographic, The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC.


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