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When you've suffered a personal injury and the words 'compensation lawyers, legal fees, legal services' come up, you feel a slight tightening in your chest.

However, you wish you could hand over the whole compensation claim to a competent, understanding lawyer who can handle the whole legal process for you.

The good news is that you can contract for a cost agreement that could be hugely advantageous. The purpose of a no win no fee cost agreement is to grant access to the law and legal system to any injured person in Queensland.

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Which Legal Services Do We Offer
No Win No Fee Claims For?

Smith's Lawyers are injury compensation lawyers located on the Sunshine Coast offering a no win no fee no catch legal cost agreement for personal injury claims.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
Motor vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence and carry with them the risk of serious harm to you and your loved ones. If you have been injured in a car accident which was caused by another driver's negligence, you are entitled to claim compensation from the at fault party.

The CTP (compulsory third party) insurer of the vehicle pays the compensation. Even if you suffer whiplash (a very common injury), our lawyers with expertise and many years of experience in compensation claims, support you all the way to achieve the best possible outcome in motor vehicle accident claims.

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Workers Compensation Claims
Worker's compensation may be claimed if you incurred an injury or illness in the course of your employment. This may have been caused by the negligence of your employer or co-worker. Common injuries include hand and wrist injuries, shoulder strains, back and spine injuries and also psychological conditions like depression and PTSD. You may potentially claim workers' compensation for past and future loss of income and superannuation, medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.

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TPD Claims
TPD claims are total and permanent disability claims against your superannuation fund if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness. It is a special benefit and this lump sum payment is not subtracted from your super balance. Our expert team on the Sunshine Coast can provide advice and handle the legal process and the administration on your behalf.

Outside of the Sunshine Coast? We also provide no win no fee claims across Brisbane, Gold Coast & QLD.
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What Does No Win No Fee Mean?
Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers offer you a free initial consultation and estimate which provides you with the opportunity to get information on your specific circumstances and also to compare legal services. They advise whether your case has legal merit.

No win no fee on face value means that if your case doesn't have a successful outcome, you pay no fee to the law firm. The latter can be interpreted in various ways.

You need to determine exactly how the law firm that you are dealing with, structures their fee arrangements. You shouldn't just speak to them but check the fee structure in their written agreement to be signed by you, the injured client.

In short, you must read the fine print and look out for hidden costs like 'uplift fees' and interest.

Some personal injury lawyers, however, may still require that you pay for disbursements in unsuccessful compensation claims. This can include, for example, costly medical expert reports on your personal injury.
How Do No Win No Fee Claims Work on The Sunshine Coast?
At our Sunshine Coast office, we present you with a transparent no win no fee no catch legal costs agreement. This means that if your case were to go to court and have an unfavourable outcome, we will bear the cost and you, as the injured person will not incur a financial loss. In this regard, Smith's lawyers have a proud history. In over 25 years we have never had a client out of pocket.
When you seek compensation, you need to note that legal costs are classified in the following way:

- Professional fees: fees that you pay the knowledgeable lawyer to do their job, like drafting documents, correspondence, etc.

- Disbursements: refer to amounts the lawyer has paid out on your behalf to others, for example, medical reports, and barrister's fees.

- Defendant's legal costs: for example, you may be liable for some of the winner's legal costs.
Your personal injury agreement should contain a provision that sets out the circumstances of what a 'successful outcome' or 'win' means in your case. The compensation claim document must contain a five-business-day cooling-off period whereby you can terminate the contract by written notice.
How Long Do No Win No Fee Claims Take?
The time it takes for a no win no fee claim to run its course depends on the specific circumstances of the particular injured person.

Factors that play a role are;
- The extent and nature of your injuries
- The complexity of the matter
- Delays in obtaining reports and information

On the Sunshine Coast, compensation claims can take as little as 6 months. On average a claim takes approximately 12 to 18 months to reach a settlement.

If the matter goes to court, it can take 2 to 3 years to obtain a final order from the court. However, the vast majority of personal injury claims in Queensland settle during the claims process and don't proceed to the courts.
How Are No Win No Fee
Fees Calculated?
No win no fee costs are calculated as set out in your signed agreement with the lawyer that you chose and as stated above, this can vary.

It can be that the lawyer contracted with you for fees as a percentage of the payout that you ultimately receive.

Lawyers or solicitors use different methods to charge for legal services, which may include itemised scale fees, task-based fees, time-based fees, and conditional fee arrangements.

Under Queensland law, professional fees charged by no win no fee lawyers must not exceed 50 percent of your net personal injury settlement or court award (the 50/50 rule). This is the amount after deduction of disbursements. Section 347 of the Legal Professions Act 2007 (Qld) caps the amount of the fees which a law firm can charge to protect the public.

Your maximum payment should therefore never be more than the following formula: Maximum fees = settlement amount - (refunds + disbursements) divided by two.
How Do I Find Out If I Have A No Win No Fee Claim?
We offer a cost and obligation free consultation, which includes free advice and a free assessment of your personal injury situation. Prior to the consultation, you can take our 2-minute claim check online to see if you have a potential compensation claim.

If you prefer, you can speak telephonically to any one of our expert team members. During your initial consultation, our lawyers will provide an estimate of your compensation claim and they will keep you informed of the legal process.

Do not delay as strict time limits apply to claims and you don't want time constraints to sink your claim for compensation.

Contact our friendly and helpful personal injury lawyers for free advice at the Sunshine Coast office today.
Other Common Questions
What happens if I lose my no-win-no-fee case?
It will depend on the terms and clauses of your agreement with your lawyer. You may still be required to pay for disbursements or the legal fees of the successful party. However, if you have contracted with Smith's Lawyers  on the Sunshine coast and you lose your case, you won't pay us or anyone else a cent. That is our no win no fee no catch policy.
Is there a catch with no win no fee?
Smith's Lawyers (at all our branches) present you with the risk-free compensation promise of no win no fee no catch. If you don't win your case, you won't pay anything to us or anyone else. In 25 years we have never had a client out of pocket.
What is a class action?
A class action is a legal proceeding where 7 or more people bring claims against the same company for causes emanating from similar circumstances. Usually, their claims share common factual or legal issues.The purpose is to save money as well as time for the courts and individuals involved. A class action may apply in personal injury cases.
What if i am dissatisfied with my appointed lawyer?
If you are unhappy with your existing firm, you can change lawyers but you will most probably have to pay that firm their fees to date.

Professional standards legislation requires certain standards from legal services provided by legal firms. The Queensland Law Society provides education, guidance, and advice to lawyers but they also regulate them to protect the public and the profession's reputation.

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Lodge A "No Win No Fee" Claim
If you suffer injuries while at work, you don't have to worry about the whole process of making your claim or the legal fees involved. Here at Smith's Lawyers, we offer free consultation services for injured workers looking to kickstart their claims. As mentioned before, we also have a no-win no fee, no catch policy.
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