16 You Beaut Memes That Prove Aussies Have The Best Sense Of Humour

December 19, 2017


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Pauline Morrissey

Australian sense of humour and larrikin nature is known all around the world, and rest assured, we wear this honour loud and proud. We also have profound love of cars. Combine the both and you get these classic memes.

1. Some people are just ahead of the curve

We’ve all been a few beers in at a mate’s BBQ and the hypothetical ideas start flying. Start a band, build a beer can boat, or... turn the ute into an esky! We all talk about it, but these legends actually did it, and we salute them for it.

2. She’ll be right

Some people just like to live dangerously, they simply don’t let machines tell them what to do. After all, who knows your car better than you do, so only you know exactly how many km’s you can get out of your reserve tank before needing to find the next servo.

3. Multi-purpose pluggers

To Aussies, our favourite choice of footwear, is never just a footwear, it’s much-much more than that. Like this driver’s mud-flap-style, is true to its roots, plus also very considerate to other drivers.

4. And then there are Crocs

For some reason Crocs happened. They hit the world back in 2002, but since Aussies prefer the humble pair of ‘plugger’ thongs for our footwear, this person found the perfect use for an otherwise unwanted gift. You can even use it to hold your fries from Maccas.

5. See your life flash before your eyes

This is a fear that haunts any Aussie driver because it either has happened or will happen once in our lifetime. Even though we know that the Huntsman spider is virtually harmless, that doesn’t stop us from nearly running ourselves off the road upon seeing one of these bad boys crawl across the dashboard.   

6. A true Aussie classic

The humble Holden Sandman panel van has long been revered by Australians for its unique style, but also for its ability to host extra-curricular activities – be it a camping trip ‘up the coast’ or a sneaky rendezvous down the beach. 

7. No boat, no problem

The tropical north of Australia can have some devastating weather, but you might as well make the most of it if you can. Take these guys for example, not letting the weather rain on their parade, instead, using it for their full advantage.

8. As the saying goes

You can either feel bad for this guy or just think that he’s ‘a few sheep short in the top paddock’, either way, he won’t need a carwash any time soon.

9. Roads and animals aren’t a good mix



If you’re taking a drive out in the country around dawn or dusk, you might come across this scene, which looks somewhat like an Australian version of Mario-kart. Be careful not to make roadkill out of the animals on our Coat of Arms.

10. You could cook an egg on it

We all love our Australian sun when we’re having a BBQ or lazing about down the beach, but when it comes to hopping in our cars after it’s been baking under the sun, serious injuries may occur. This is where a pair of oven mitts may come to the rescue.

11. Just needs a tow

Going 4WDing along the beach or in the sand dunes is a normal weekend hobby for many coastal Australians, but if you park it for a spot of beach fishing, remember to watch the tide or you’ll end up like this guy. Good luck getting out of that bog!

12. Drop bears can be anywhere

The cuddly koala has a place in all our hearts. They sleep most of the day, eat some gum leaves, then go back to sleep again. They may seem harmless and cute, but that’s until they try to steal your car.  

13. Sydney vs Melbourne

Everyone from Melbourne will try and tell you that a ‘hook-turn’ is perfectly understandable, but Sydney, and the rest of Australia might be left scratching their heads.

14. They could be anywhere

Goodluck trying to duck down a sidestreet when you come across this random breath test checkpoint.

15. Just let it dry out

This guy is well and truly stuffed, and make no doubt about it, one of his mate’s probably said this exact thing when it happened. But as mate’s go, someone’s always there to lend a hand - “just pop the hood”.

16. Traffic feels

And finally, this meme has perfectly captured the feeling of what it’s like to be in peak-hour traffic anywhere in Australia.

Pauline Morrissey

Freelance writer based in Sydney and contributor to the Smith's Lawyers blog


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