6 Real And Ridiculous Excuses People Made To Get Out Of Work

January 10, 2018


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Ethan Gould

We all reach a point where we’ve been working non-stop for a long time and could really do with a break. The workload might have increased tenfold, perhaps your boss is being a bit grouchy for no reason, or maybe you just need an excuse to settle down in front of the television with a beer and 8 different tv shows to binge watch. Whatever your reason, there’s no denying that just one day off can do the world of difference. So, what are you to do if you find yourself dying for a break but you’re still rostered on? Easy! Chuck a sickie and hope for the best. However, you’ve got to be careful that your carefully constructed lie is actually believable, so here are 8 real excuses that people have tried to use to get off work, that definitely were not as successful as just claiming you have explosive diarrhoea.

Employee Claimed Their Car Had No Petrol in it, So They Wouldn't be Coming in

Normally, it falls on the car owner to be a responsible adult and ensure that they're ready and willing to crawl out of bed and rush to work. However, if you ingeniously 'forgot' to put petrol in your car, then that's clearly a sign that you should crawl back into bed and forget this whole mess ever happened. 

Employee 'Mixed Up' the Meeting Place

This genius piece of deceivery comes from Caroline Zelonka, who was able to get out of a tediously long Saturday work sesh in an extremely crafty way.

“Naturally, I did not want to go, but attendance was mandatory. Come Saturday morning, I REALLY didn't want to go because I had stayed out very late on Friday drinking and carousing. Then I thought of it: the magical excuse. There are two similarly-named hotels in downtown San Francisco: the Sir Francis Drake and the St Francis. And my boss, who wasn't exactly detail-oriented, had mixed them up a few times when talking about the event. I went back to sleep and then on Monday, I claimed (very earnestly) I had shown up at the St Francis, asked around, and no one there had heard of any room or area reserved for my company. They totally bought it!"

Man's Excuse Was That the Universe Was Telling Him to Take the Day Off

Each year, job seeking website Career Builder publishes a list of zany excuses people have actually used to try and get off work. It turns out that someone has legitimately tried to pass them being lazy and taking a day off as a sign from the universe. Oh well, when the Universe says something, it's time to listen. Even better if the Universe is telling you to grab a blanket and hit the hay. 

Employee Just Started a T.V Show and Absolutely Had to Finish it

You'd have to be very brave, very stupid or love television a little too much if you're confident that handing this note to your boss would result in anything less than an absolute roasting. Fortunately, with all the free time this employee surely now has, she'll be able to binge watch all the television she wants.

Employee Was Too Engrossed in Mobile Games to Come to Work 

The period between getting dressed and getting out of the shower is a magical time, where one can lounge around for seemingly forever in a state of blissful limbo until it's time to get on with your day. Of course, staying too long in limbo can lead to some pretty nasty consequences, so make sure you put the phone down before you lose something worse than video game lives... your job!

Employee Was Late to Work Because a Deer Wouldn't Move From the Front Door 

This one comes from Redditor ICANTBELIEVETRUMPWON, who's friend experienced a very Canadian problem while trying to go to work:

"A friend of mine was working in Banff Canada. He tried to go to work one day but couldn't open the door and discovered there was an elk sleeping in front of his door. He wasn't getting out of work but he was very late because he had to wait for the elk to wake up from its nap."

What ridiculous excuse have you used to get out of work? Let us know in the comments!

Ethan Gould

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