17 Memes About Work That Are Painfully Real

May 31, 2018




Pauline Morrissey

Working is a simple fact of life for many of us, for every day that we drag ourselves out of bed, to head off to work, we do so willingly in order to earn our bread and butter. Yes, we often dream of striking it rich by winning the lottery and telling the boss where to shove it, but the harsh reality is, we’ll always be back on Monday, ready to slog it all out again.

Going off these painfully true memes, it looks as though we’re not alone in the fight.

1. Even long weekends aren’t nowhere near long enough


2. In fact, every Monday hurts real bad


3. It’s all about being consistent really

Staff Attrium

4. “My girlfriend made me watch it” - said every Australian man


5. Stuck in an evil time warp

The Chive

6. It’s a jungle out there!

Time Camp

7. Putting on an Oscar worthy performance

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8. Fake it ‘till you make it


9. When the supervisor puts in their two cents


10. I’ll get right on it, jerk!


11. Adulting is hard


12. There’s always that one person who talks too much

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13. Allow me to take my sweet ass time

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14. Are you really going to watch the entire time? Really?

15. Catch me if you can

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16. Agh, remember the good ol’ days

Atrium Staff

17. Resting in absolute peace

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Pauline Morrissey

Freelance writer based in Sydney and contributor to the Smith's Lawyers blog


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