7 Times Phones Have Proved Too Distracting

January 15, 2020


Road Safety


Jack Delaney

Mobile phones were made to use on the go (hence the ‘mobile’), but it’s safe to say that sometimes people take their attachment to their phones a bit too far.
Between tweeting, Instagramming, texting, snapchatting, tik toking, emailing and reading fantastic blogs like this one, it can be easy to become oblivious to the world around you.

Just ask the woman who fell straight into a water fountain while messaging a friend, or the man who was so engrossed in his phone he missed the armed robbery taking place around him.

If phones can be this distracting for people while they walk, it’s no wonder they’re such a danger when drivers use them behind the wheel.

Here are just a few videos of the people who are yet to master the art of walking and texting.

Guy glued to his phone misses armed robbery

The man in this video is so enamoured with whatever is on his phone that he’s completely oblivious to the armed robbery happening in the bar around him. He should give lessons in the art of concentration.

Man falls onto the train tracks

We have all been guilty of walking onto the train with our eyes glued to our phones. The difference is that, unlike this Metro user, people usually wait for the train to arrive at the platform.

Woman on phone falls down open cellar door

This poor woman could learn a thing or two about spacial awareness. Mere inches away from an open cellar door she whips out her phone, somehow failing to notice the raised door or the gaping hole in front of her. Maybe she needs better glasses.

Man walks into a van

A man walks into a van… It sounds like the start of a joke, but in this case, it’s the punchline. This Russian man decided not to bother looking before crossing the road and got the shock of a lifetime. Imagine if the roles were reversed!

Woman texting falls into a fountain

Shopping malls can be difficult to navigate, but this woman doesn’t make it easy on herself by not looking where she’s going at all. Maybe she just wanted an excuse to buy a whole new outfit?  

Technician talking on phone walks into pool

This gentleman is in a room dedicated to pools and still manages to walk straight into one. A great lesson in not cutting corners.  

Man walks into wall

While texting and walking through his hotel lobby, this guy bumps head first into a wall. He saw the humour in the situation and decided to post the video on YouTube as a reminder that if you can’t text and walk, you can’t text and drive - a worthy message.

Jack Delaney

Jack is a freelance writer for the Smith's Lawyers blig. He covers a range of topics from car technology and safety to current events.