These Shocking Road Safety Ads Will Change The Way You Drive

December 9, 2014


Road Safety


Richard Greenwood

Last year there were over 1,100 deaths on Australia's roads along with tens of thousands of accidents causing injury.

The vast majority of accidents are due to some form of driver error or passenger behavior such as:

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These international car safety ads drum home the importance of being on your game while behind the wheel of a car.  I tend to think I'm a pretty good driver but watching these has made me realise things can go wrong very quickly and there are other people's lives at stake when you drive.

'Mistakes' - New Zealand Anti-Speeding Ad (2014)


This ad has gone viral since it's release in January and is being called one of the best road safety ads of all time.  This ad is really powerful with its use of time freeze to allow the two drivers of an impending collision to get out of their cars and talk to each other about their mistakes.

In this case the mistake of one driver going too fast and another over shooting the stop line before turning onto the main road combine with devastating effects. You can't make assumptions on what other drivers will do so having time to respond to anything on the road ahead will make things safer.

Manifesto - USA Texting While Driving Campaign (2014)


This is part of the 'National Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign' which is taking place currently in the US with fines in force for texting while driving. For many of us it may seem crazy to text and drive but it causes accidents on the road every day. Drivers under 25 are the worst offenders.

Pub Loo Shocker - UK Drink Driving Ad (2013)


This hidden camera style anti drink driving ad from last year really is a shocker. In fact, it's lucky that the poor guys in the video didn't have a heart attack from the shock...they are probably still having nightmares! I think I'll be nervous next time I go to a bar toilet now!!  Alcohol is still a big reason for car accidents and road deaths despite decades of safety campaigns. Hopefully this ad can shock enough people to cut the toll.

Embrace Life - UK Seat Belt Campaign


I'm sometimes surprised when I hear ads on the radio in Australia encouraging people to belt up. It seems like an issue that should have been solved a long time ago but there are still deaths and injuries each year in Australia due to people not wearing a seat belt. This campaign from the UK shows they have the same issue there.  As you will see from the next ad, it's not just your own life you are putting in danger when you travel without a seat belt on.

Think! Seat Belts (Julie) UK Seat Belt Campaign


I grew up in the UK and this is seat belt safety ad launched there in the late 90's that had a real impact on me. I was only 18 at the time and had a couple of mates with old cars with no rear seat belts. When everything is going well it is easy to have a false sense of safety but things can go wrong very quickly. It's also easy to think that you are only putting yourself at risk by not belting up but this ad proves otherwise.

There are still times now when my wife and I find ourselves getting into a taxi while overseas to find the seat belts have been decommissioned. At times like that your options are limited but if a belt is available then there is no excuse to not belt up.

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Richard Greenwood

Marketing Manager at Smith's Lawyers. Advocate for road safety and fan of technology that makes the roads or workplaces safer.