6 Office Clowns Who Were Downright Evil

September 20, 2017


Work Safety


Kristen Brown

Laughter at work definitely makes for a better day and pranksters and clowns are known for bringing the lols. But when it comes to pranks, sometimes the desire to 'one-up' someone overrides common sense. 

Here are 6 workplace clowns who went too far!

1. A-paw-ling site conduct

Loads of pranks are played on site, we know this. But hiring a bear suit to scare your work mate is next level evil! Pretty sure this guy is still running...


2. Not bloody funny

Getting a shock is pretty much the point of a prank, but literally making your work mate collapse with fear is not the reaction you should aim for!



3. Mass work prank

Pranking someone you work with is one thing, but calling in sick for a bunch of innocent strangers is excessive evil.


4. Carpark-a-saurus

If you're like Hamish and Andy, your colleagues probably expect you to prank them daily. Would they expect to see a raptor in the car park though? Probably not!


5. What a joke

Pranking the same person constantly can almost verge on bullying. Even if you work with the most scared guy in the world, maybe share the scares around instead of making him the butt of ALL your jokes.



 6. Happy un-birthday

Emotionally pranking your work mates is one thing, but making them fork out cash for food, flowers and gifts when it's not even your birthday is the icing on the evil cake!

Kristen Brown

Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist at Smith's Lawyers


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