10 Drivers Who Clearly Love Christmas

December 18, 2018


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Harry Webber

Christmas time is finally here, and for those who thought the only ones to still get excited are kids yet to learn "the truth" about Santa - think again.

Here are 10 festive drivers who are about the give the little ones a run for their money, so sit back, put on Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas and check out these cars that sleigh!

1. A Cabby Christmas

Source: Reddit

In a world where ride-sharing apps have seemingly taken over the cab industry, taxi drivers would be forgiven if they decided to lean more towards the ‘grinch’ side of Christmas — but not this happy cabby, however. His or her spirit meter is clearly still running.

2. The Christmas Beetle

Source: Pinterest

What ever happened to the old Australian tradition of having your own Christmas beetle? You know, when those bugs would start showing up in December? It was always a subject of great importance in the schoolyard. Oh well, this motorist is doing their best to connect beetles and the holiday season again, and we certainly applaud that.

3. Tanked on Christmas

Source: Cars Easy

Sure, you’re not likely to see this motorist on the road anytime soon, but it’s important to note the power of Chrissy lights here. As you can see, a little bit of sparkle can even make machines of death seem as cheery as Santa’s little helpers.

4. The Santa Camper

Source: Mount Comfort RV

To be honest, it’s quite easy to imagine Santa and Mrs. Claus as a couple of grey nomads cruising around the country with a busy holiday season in their rear view mirror, and nothing but the open road ahead. In fact, it’s probably the most relaxing time of the year for the old fella.

5. Groovy Christmas

Source: R-C Cafe

Things you will probably find in this combi; a kitchenette, a surfboard, a bed, and one driver who is brimming with Christmas joy. Nothing warms the heart more than the thought of kids running out of their house to wave to this beast as it rolls down the street.

6. The Christmas Pick-Up

Source: eBaums World

Just imagine if your car had broken down on December 24th and you saw this thing appear over the horizon; you start laugh-crying, the driver welcomes you with a big smile, and some music starts playing. It’s the kind of thing you’d see in one of those 90’s movies, where the dad or the mum is trying to make it home for Christmas, and one where it all works out in the end, of course.

7. Smart Santa

Source: Auto Center of Texas

If you ever find yourself Googling “Santa beard for small car”, just stop and ask yourself if you really need it. If you answer “yes, of course”, or “maybe I should get two” — chances are, you are infected with a very powerful strain of Christmas spirit.

You are the person who organises Secret Santas at work, the person who decorates the office, and the person that does their shopping for presents during the January sales, twelve months in advance.

8. The Christmas Commuter

Source: Daily Picks and Flicks

This is a great example of what saying “thanks” to the bus driver can do. Obviously this driver got so many this year, so much so that he or she erupted in an explosion of Christmas joy. With that being said, we’re not really sure what the bike is doing mashed into the front of the vehicle?

9. Classy Christmas

Source: Vicmog

Does anyone else think this motorist might be hoping there’s some moustache wax and a new bowler cap in his stocking? It’s nice to see that this car still gets into the spirit, despite having seen more Christmases than most of us. Very commendable, old chap.

10. Jingle All The Tray

Source: Pinterest

If all you want for Christmas is a choccy milk and a sausage roll, then hop on in! To be fair, this is probably the ultimate Christmas shopping vehicle — just think of all the presents you could fit into that tray!

Harry Webber

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