Driving Distracted? Safety Campaign Warns You Could Be Gone in an Insta!

October 9, 2017


Road Safety


Richard Greenwood

Despite the known risks, every day there are hundreds of thousands of drivers around the world using their phone while driving. Using a smartphone while driving can multiple the risk of a serious crash by 400%!.

While stats such as distracted driving contributing to 25 fatalities in Queensland, Australia (2015) and nearly 3,500 in the US, most road safety authorities believe the stats are massively under reported as drivers don't want to admit that they were using a phone at the time of the accident.

Here at Smith's Lawyers we decided to raise awareness of the dangers that come with using messaging, social media and music streaming apps on the go. Over the past couple of months we've worked with illustrator Humbert Sanchez to create a series of road safety campaign images based around apps we all know and love such as Instagram, Facebook and Spotify. Check out the images and be sure to vote for your favourite.

You could be gone in an Insta

Safety add campaign 'Gone in an Insta'

You only have one life so Instagram can wait. Even a few seconds without your eyes on the road is enough for things to go wrong.

U won't BRB when u text and drive

Ad about driving and texting

When you here a text come through on the road it's tempting to check it out. Hundreds of tousands of road accidents are caused by texting and driving each year. Turning notifications off or using featured such as driving mode on iOS can help you focus on the road and even let people know you'll BRB without risking the lives of others (and yourself) to let them know.

From Hip-Hop to death metal in 3.5 seconds

Safety campaign ad with truck and chains

Changing radio stations or music tracks / volume on car stereos has long been an issue. However, now that more drivers are streaming via Bluetooth the issue is potentially even more dangerous. Taking your eye off the road for 3.5 seconds to browse to a different genre or playlist in an app like Spotify would be enough to travel over 77 metres at 80kph. Sadly the tangled death metal in this scenario is not a music genre.

You don't want to get tagged on this post

Safety ad with paper sheet sticked to post

Getting tagged in a post is normally good (occasionally embarrassing) when it comes to Facebook but using the app while driving risks you getting tagged on the wrong type of post.

You could be gone in a snap

Safety road ad with ghost and turned car

Being gone quickly is normally a good thing when it comes to Snapchat but not in this case! Taking a #drivingselfie with a pair of dog ears and a speed filter may look cute (to some) but it could be a recipe to disaster.

About the artist - Humbert Sanchez

Humbert Sanchez

The campaign has been developed by Kristen Brown and Richard Greenwood from Smith's Lawyers in collaboration with Geelong based illustrator Humbert Sánchez. Kristen and Richard developed the campaign concept and tag lines for each of the images and Humbert brought each of these to life. Humbert has worked on campaigns for a wide range of brands including Sony, Jeep and Colgate.

Smith's Lawyers are an injury compensation firm in Queensland -with offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast- promoting safer roads and work places.    

Richard Greenwood

Marketing Manager at Smith's Lawyers. Advocate for road safety and fan of technology that makes the roads or workplaces safer.