New 'D' Plates Introduced for Dangerous Drivers

March 31, 2017


Road Safety


Kristen Brown

Just as learner and provisional drivers are made to drive around with an 'L' or 'P' plate on their car, now dangerous drivers in Queensland will have to display a large, red, 'D' plate to warn others on the road of their stupidity.

Drivers caught drink driving, speeding, using a mobile device, disobeying the road rules or not being a decent human and giving 'the wave' will be ordered to show the D plates on any vehicle they drive.

The decision comes after more accidents, injuries and fatalities are reportedly being caused by perhaps the most unintelligent form of dangerous driving - texting; where the driver voluntarily takes their eyes off the road causing them to literally drive blind.

Another bad driving decision is made in what police refer to as the 'silly season'. No, not Christmas but storm season, when drivers of family sedans for some reason believe they drive 4WDs and attempt to take on flood waters.

Of course the old favourite drink driving is still performing well in the stupid stakes. Even though it's well known that drinking alcohol can prevent people from seeing a potential suitor properly, authorities are concerned some drivers still think can see the road.

Police hope the introduction of the plates will both deter drivers from committing senseless road acts and protect others on the road by allowing them create the distance of a 'ten foot pole' between them and anyone displaying the plates.

And if drivers refuse to display the plates? Authorities have already got that sorted, with a mandatory face tattoo of the 'D'sign being permanently imprinted on the offenders forehead. 

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Kristen Brown

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