7 Obvious Signs You Live With a Tradie

July 30, 2019


On the Job


Pauline Morrissey

Tradies don’t just live their lives on the tools, in many ways, their work comes home with them, in one form or another.

From a clothesline full of hi-vis shirts to finding bits and bobs in the washing machine — here are some telling signs that you share the same roof with a tradie.

1. There are unfinished jobs around the house

Tradie setting up a step ladder
Jessica Oñate Moreno shares her tips on Facebook regarding 'How to get your tradie husband to finish the job'.

Living with a tradie is like having your own personal handyman — that is, if that handyman found projects around the house that didn’t really need fixing in the first place, started said project one weekend ... and that’s the end of that story.

But one tradie's wife did manage to find a way to get the job done quicker, and she shared these three simple steps on Facebook:

“Step 1: Ask him for the plans...he'll ask why. Step 2: Tell him he doesn't need to worry, you are happy to pay for another tradie to finish. Step 3: Watch him finish project he started a year ago.” — Jessica Oñate Moreno

2. Their tools have multipurpose use at home

Lighting the wood burning stove
"When you are at home with the tradie and it's getting a bit chilly," said Jake Gibson on a Facebook post.

A tradies' tools will most likely be one of his/hers biggest investments, so it’s only right that they try and get as much use out of them as possible. This is why when they’re not being put to use on the worksite, they’ll likely be used in an inventive way around the house instead.

Take for example a powered handsaw, being used to chop the veggies for dinner, or a handy blowtorch, perfect for getting the fireplace started during winter.

3. The clothesline is always full of hanging hi-vis

Hi-vis vests hanging from the clohesline
A typical scene found at a tradie's home, shared by Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust on Facebook.

No one ever likes doing laundry, but when it comes to tradies, there's that extra challenge to the weekly washing, having to separate out the whites, the darks, and not to mention the array of fluros.

The sheer amount of washing is quite unbelievable, with a new dirty load gathered at the end of each working day. Come Sunday afternoon, the clothesline will be full with every colour under the hi-vis rainbow, ready for it to all start again on Monday.

"You know you live with a tradie when the clothesline is full of hi-vis shirts on a Sunday," — Carla Jones

4. Eskies, eskies everywhere

Is there any invention better than the Esky? Well, if you ask a tradie, the answer will be pretty obvious.

There’s usually one in the laundry, two in the back of the ute, at least half a dozen between the garage and the shed, and chances are, there’s an extra long one on the back deck that doubles as a seat for guests when the ‘barbie’ is on.

What's more, according to the video above, you can also make a DIY homemade air conditioner with an esky — just incase you needed more proof that the love between a tradie and their esky is real.

5. They don’t understand the construction of cushions

A pile of cushion on bed
According to a Facebook post posted on Two Kids, A Tradie & Me, this is what happens when you leave a tradie to arrange throw pillows.

Tradies were born to build things, and there’s really no stopping them when they put their mind to a home project. Most of the time it’s for practical pursuits, like a new kitchen, or a backyard deck, but when it comes to arranging cushions, this is an art that they are yet to master.

Take this post on Facebook for example, where a woman’s husband thought their throw pillows would be better arranged as a column between the bed and the ceiling — and even sarcastically asked for more cushions to finish the job.

6. You wake up on tradie time

Man in bed about to turn off alarm clock
"I love waking up at 5am," said no tradie partner ever. Photo: iStock

A tradie's working hours usually start well before sunrise, so for partners living with them, that 5am alarm is known all too well.

When you hear that buzzing alarm go off, you really only have two options; one, get up with them and lovingly help send them off for the day, or two, quietly roll over in resentment as you drift back to sleep.

7. Sightings of iced coffee bottles

Iced coffee bottles on the ground
"A herd of tradies were almost certainly grazing in this spot recently," says Reddit user u/HankSteakfist

It is a known fact that human bodies are made up of about 60% water, however, when it comes to tradies, it is more likely that their bodies are in fact, made up of 80% iced coffee milk.

As such, when living with a tradie, it should come to no surprise that there will be iced coffee bottles all about the house. Be it the fridge or on the bedside table, you can bet that there will be a bottle or two lying around.

“You are nowhere near trade qualified if you don’t down a milk of some sort before work.” — Liam B
Pauline Morrissey

Pauline has worked in-house at Smith's Lawyers and has written for publications such as Domain, Real Living, Traveller, Time Out, Sitchu, and Houzz.