5 Tradies That Are Having a Worse Day Than You

March 30, 2020


On the Job


Jack Delaney

Whether it’s spilling your morning coffee on your pants, treading on a piece of LEGO, or forgetting your headphones on the train, the smallest thing can turn a good day into a bad one. 

And as cruel as it sounds, when you’re having a bad day, comfort can be found in knowing that someone out there has had it even worse than you. 

In Germany they call this schadenfreude - the joy that comes from witnessing someone else’s troubles. The Japanese have a saying: “The misfortune of others tastes like honey.” 

While I doubt any tradie tastes like honey (I assume they all taste like dirt and sweat), the internet is full of examples of their misfortune. Maybe the trademark fluoro vests attract trouble? 

These stories about good ol’ tradies having days from hell is a surefire way to help put a smile on your face. 

Tradie gets his genitals caught in a belt sander

Rescue team and person on stretcher
He was moments away from Friday knock-off when this went down.

A tradie from Sydney had to be rushed to hospital after getting his private parts tangled in a belt sander. He was minutes away from knocking off on a Friday when his pants, and their contents, got caught in the machine. 

Both the tradie and the attached belt sander were taken to a nearby hospital for the delicate removal process. Doctors were able to remove the sander, but he suffered several tears to his genital area. Ouch. 

Thankfully he was able to make a full recovery after a few weeks’ rest. Now he has a story to tell at the pub for the rest of his life – and he learnt that belt sanders aren’t supposed to be used on that type of wood!

Tradie gets kidnapped on the way home from work

Cars and man on the street
A minor bingle quickly turned out of control.

A close runner-up to having your genitals caught in a belt sander is having a car accident on your way home from work on a Friday afternoon. 

That was just the beginning of this Perth tradie’s troubles. After clipping the back of a Ford Falcon, he tried to do the right thing by pulling over and exchanging details. 

The Falcon’s owner had other ideas. He rammed into his car, then jumped out, got a hammer from the back of his ute and chased the man down Oxford Street. What’s with roads turning people crazy? After a while, the tradie managed to get the owner of the Falcon (and his passenger) to calm down. Or so he thought. 

When he returned to his car, the men kidnapped him, forcing him to drive to an ATM and withdraw cash. They ended their rampage by making him drop them at a train station nearby. 

Worst. Friday. Ever. 

Female tradie has near-death experience

Person holding small snake between her fingers
This tiny snake could have packed a very big punch.

I think it’s safe to say that, unless you’re Bindi Irwin, you should never pick up a wild snake. Lucy, a tradie from the Sunshine Coast, learnt this the hard way

She spotted a baby snake slithering across her workplace and, before calling the snake catcher, decided to pose for a photo with it. But once she sent the photo to the catcher she got the shock of her life. 

The ‘baby’ she was holding was an Eastern Brown Snake - one of the most venomous reptiles in the world! Just one drop of its venom would have been enough to kill her in seconds. 

While Lucy was lucky to escape a painful death, she was unable to escape the abuse that streamed in once her story went viral. Her mistake caused her a whole bunch of embarrassment… but hey, it beats being dead, right? 

Tradie caught with his pants down

Text message

Want proof that business and pleasure don’t mix? Meet Mike Wilson. Mike was hired by his friend, Michael, to do work in his bathroom while he was holidaying with his wife and kids. 

Mike, not the brightest berry, decided to use the empty house as his own private bachelor pad. One night he invited over a woman. One thing led to another and he slept with her on the family’s couch… as you do.

Upon arriving home and checking the CCTV, Michael discovered what Mike had done. Adding insult to injury, once they left the house, Michael recognised the woman as another pal’s wife! How’s that for plumbing the depths?

To make Mike’s mistake even more costly, Michael refused to pay his $1,000 fee. A ruined marriage, friendship and reputation. That’s one bad day. 

Tradie loses his license for a trip to KFC

Man smiling and hugging a woman
Jason Warwick paid a high price for some fried chicken.

Any pregnant woman will tell you that food cravings can drive you crazy, but this Ipswich tradie took things to a whole new level. 

Jason Warwick had a restricted licence after being caught using his mobile phone while driving – meaning he was only allowed to drive between work sites and his home. But the cravings got the best of him.

Despite his ban, Jason decided to risk his licence, his job and his income, for a KFC meal. I mean, Zingers are delicious, but are they really good enough to sacrifice your livelihood? Jason thought so.

Jack Delaney

Jack is a freelance writer for the Smith's Lawyers blig. He covers a range of topics from car technology and safety to current events.