12 Vintage Work Safety Posters That Wouldn’t Fly Today

June 20, 2018


Work Safety


Pauline Morrissey

Vintage safety posters provide a glimpse into a working world that we may not have experienced first hand. They paint a picture of not only how far we’ve come in terms of our safety standards to prevent work injuries, but also in our progress with political correctness.

Gone are the days when downright sexist posters are pinned up in the name of safety and nobody blinks an eye. And the popular use of horrifying scare tactics of death and dismemberment are no longer the norm to keep workers out of harm's way. 

Here are 12 comical, alarming, and downright offensive work safety posters from bygone eras that just wouldn’t fly today.

1. Pretty sure a woman in a bikini has nothing to do with a safety

‍Source: UoP News

2. Well, that escalated quickly

‍Source: Indigo Arts

3. All these references to coffins are a bit much

‍Source: Indigo Arts

4. That’s not punny

‍Source: Indigo Arts

5. We hope that’s not a new shirt

‍‍Source: Indigo Arts

6. Someone’s a party pooper

‍‍Source: Indigo Arts

7. Can’t unsee

‍‍Source: Indigo Arts

8. Just a bump on the noggin’

‍‍Source: Indigo Arts

9. Looks like a recipe for disaster

‍‍Source: Indigo Arts

10. Up in smoke

‍‍Source: Indigo Arts

11. Insurance doesn’t cover idiocy

Source: flashbak.com

12. Now that’s what you call a guilt trip

‍Source: flashbak.com
Pauline Morrissey

Freelance writer based in Sydney and contributor to the Smith's Lawyers blog


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