11 People Who Should Have Called A Tradie

July 30, 2017


Work Safety


Kristen Brown

There are times in life when you need to call a professional. When you're sick, you call a doctor. When you're in pain, you might rely on a physio to help you out. If you feel like eating a croissant, you'll probably just go buy one instead of trying to perfect the recipe.

It's the same with house renos. Yeah, go ahead and change that light bulb, but don't install that aircon yourself. Sure, put that Ikea furniture together, but don't do your own electrical work...we all know this, but some people unfortunately didn't get the memo...

Recipe to a DIY Disaster Brought to you by 11 people who should have called a tradie

1. Get your heat source, connect and wait for ignition.

2. Take a ceramic bowl...

3. Measure everything accurately.

4. And roughly combine key ingredients

5. If you're missing something, replace it with a suitable substitute.

Great work. ?

6. Next, extract the liquid from one leak.

7. And bring two cups of water to a boil

8. Now mix!

9. Put it in the fridge...or oven for a few hours.

10. Then remove and let it stand for two minutes. 


11. Now, sink your teeth into that!


Kristen Brown

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