How to report unsafe vehicles

Unsafe and unroadworthy vehicles put the lives of other road users in danger. Simply driving with one headlight out or a broken indicator may cause a serious accident resulting in extensive damage and injury.

Unsafe Queensland car on fire

Queensland vehicles are only required to be inspected for roadworthiness when being sold. Therefore, unless they are pulled up for a random inspection by police, unsafe vehicles may fly under the radar for years, continuing to drive on Queensland roads, placing other road users at risk.

So what can you do if you encounter a vehicle with missing parts, no brake lights or defective indicators or headlights?

How to report an unsafe vehicle

Queensland Transport and Main Roads handle complaints about unsafe vehicles and can investigate allegations about vehicles with questionable safety standards.

Complaints can be made:

Report unsafe Queensland vehicles by phone
  • online
  • by downloading and completing a complaint form
  • by phoning 13 23 80
  • by writing to:

Compliments & Complaints

GPO Box 1412

Brisbane Qld 4001

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Last update on:
May 29, 2018
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