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What Services Are Available in QLD to Support Disabled People?

Support through injury recovery

Serious injuries can result in permanent impairment and in some cases lasting disabilities. Thankfully, various types of support are available for disabled people, their families and carers in Queensland.

These include accommodation support, community access support, case management, mobility equipment, life skills development and respite services. Such services are offered by both government and non-profit organisations.

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Government schemes

The Department of Social Services (DSS) provides the following programs and benefit payments to assist Australian’s with disabilities:

Disability Employment Framework Consultation

In order to assist more Australian’s with disabilities to obtain gainful employment, the National Disability Employment Framework was established to provide people with disability better choice and control over their employment prospects.

Australian Disability Enterprises

Tradie getting back to work after injury

Australian Disability Enterprises provide employment opportunities for people with a disability and assist them to gain the training and experience they need to confidently enter the open job market or stay in supported employment.

Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Service providers are a collection of large, medium and small organisations who have experience in supporting employees with disability or can advise other employers on practices that can be implemented to support disabled employees in the workplace. They can assist with job seekers who need help finding a job as well as ongoing support to maintain a job. These services can be accessed through the JobAccess website.

Australian Disability Parking Scheme

This scheme facilitates the Australian Disability Parking Permit which is recognised nationally and establishes minimum parking criteria and concessions for disabled parking in Australia. This aims to reduce reduce barriers for disabled people within the community and interstate.  Permit holders are permitted to park in spaces displaying the “access” symbol and can also receive concessions in some public carparks.

National Companion Card

Applying for the National Companion Card

The National Companion Card enables eligible people with a disability to attend venues and events without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their carer.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS was implemented to assist persons with disability to identify and co-ordinate the supports they need to achieve goals in various aspects of their life, such as independence, community involvement, health, education and employment. Australian citizens under 65 years of age, with a permanent and significant disability are eligible to access the NDIS.

In Queensland, the NDIS is only in its preliminary stages and is in the process of being rolled out across the whole state.

Government benefits

Disability Support Pension

A periodic income support payment for persons over 16 years but below pension age, who have a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition which prevents them from working at least 15 hours per week and are of limited financial means.

Sickness Allowance

Using public transport with a dissability

A periodic income support payment for persons over 22 years but below pension age, who are unable to work or study for a period due to illness, injury or disability and are of limited financial means.

Mobile Allowance

A periodic payment to support persons over 16 years who are unable to use public transport without a lot of help due to injury, illness or disability and need to travel for their work study or training.

BSWAT Payment Scheme

A one off payment to eligible employees who suffer from an intellectual impairment and whose wages are managed under the Business Services Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT)

Non-Profit organisations & disability support groups

Injury recovery support

Disability Services Australia

An NDIS provider of services to help disabled persons understand their choices and rights, make decisions, take care of themselves, find suitable accommodation transport and mobility options.

Lifestyle Solutions

A registered NDIS provider of disability services such as: supported accommodation, personal care, respite, budget management, employment, holiday support and skills training.


Provides disability support services to persons who have suffered a brain injury, such as transitional, supported and independent living accommodation, care management assistance, training and advice.

121 Care

In-home injury recovery support services

Provides in-home support services across South East Queensland with a broad range of physical and intellectual disabilities including persons with both recent and long term injuries.


Provides support to disabled persons in the Mansfield area, to enable them to continue living in their own homes including home support, podiatry, activities, outings, holidays and carer’s support.

Redland Community Centre

A community support service offering courses, self help programs, counselling, community activities, family support and emergency relief


A registered NDIS provider who can assist disabled persons to access therapy, community participation and leisure activities, independent living arrangements, employment and training, and support coordination.

Access to leisure activites

In Focus Disability Services

A registered NDIS provider of a range of disability services including therapy services, counselling, respite, community participation, support plan coordination and plan management.

My Life Support Services

Provides accommodation support, in-home support and life skills development training.

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