Carpenter Job and Risk Profile

What does a Carpenter do? 

A carpenter constructs or repairs infrastructure frameworks and buildings; including rafters, door frames, stairways and partitions. Carpenters may also work on installations such as drywall or kitchen cabinets. Other duties may include following clients blue prints, measuring and cutting wood or plastic and installing building framework with the use of rigging hardware and cranes.

How do you become a Carpenter? 

Becoming a carpenter involves completing a four year apprenticeship to help you master the trade. During this time, apprentices learn the business side of carpentry as well as hands on work experience.

What are common injuries for a Carpenter? 

The various types of materials and tools that carpenters work with may pose risk of a
. Safety gear should be utilised at all times to help avoid these workplace injuries.

Minor injuries include –

  • Abrasions or splinters from woodwork
  • Eye injury from sawdust

Serious injuries include –

  • Hand and Iimb injuries from power tools

Long term injuries include –

  • Back or head injuries from falls

Carpenters score a 4/5 risk rating

How do Carpenters use geometry? 

A carpenter will often use geometry in their work to help measure the circumference of objects, or to work out the area or length or materials. Carpenters must be skilled in geometry and math to excel in the field.

Do Carpenters have to work in the rain?

Generally, Carpenters and other tradesmen will be sent home in the case of severe weather such as rainfall; this practice is referred to as "stand down" in the industry. Employers are not liable to pay for these days of work.

How much does a Carpenter make? 

A carpenters median salary in Australia sits at $54,692 per annum. Depending on skill and experience this can range between $34,695-$82,477.

What is the career path for a Carpenter?

Carpentry is a variable trade with many different career paths available. You may wish to focus on being a shopfitting carpenter, commercial framework carpenter or perhaps you will specialise to work on modern Eco projects.

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May 30, 2018
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