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Whether you need to look after your family in the future, or you’re just trying get back on your feet in the short term, we’re here to help.
Our team of expert compensation lawyers based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast will work tirelessly on your behalf to pursue justice and get you the result.

Greg Smith - Principal & Founder

I’ve been there myself”

When I was 18, I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that gravely threatened my career and my lifestyle. From that moment I truly understood what it felt like to face tough challenges. This exceptionally life-changing experience gave me the courage and inspiration to help others, which has transpired into a life-long dedication to pursue justice for those that are impacted by the careless actions of other people.

"Very personable, upfront and good at what you do. Amanda Edward's did a great job. Their knowledge of the process made me feel at ease." M. Chapman

Amanda Edwards

Associate Solicitor

Dylan Curran


Nicole Stewart


Peta Miller


Patrick Delaney


"10/10 - Toni has helped and explained things to me with a level of respect and guidence I wasn't expecting but very much appreciate. I do and will continue to recommend Smith's". V. Parfitt

Toni Papettas

Law Clerk

I'm here to help you throughout your case

Jillian Tidbury


Aleisha Harrigan


Erin Walters


I'm here to help you

Sally Manson

Reception and Administration

Cara Inman

Admininstation Assistant

Helen Manning


I'm proud to work for a company that makes a positive difference to people's lives during a difficult time

Richard Greenwood

Marketing Manager